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Tanna Island was first visited by James Cook in the late 1700s.  Unlike other nearby islands, the people living on this 550m2 piece of land were strongly rooted in their history and native culture.  To this day, it is the nature and authentic cultural experience that attracts tourists to these parts.  Due to the relatively small size of the island, it’s understandable that there are only a few places to stay.  Tourists planning to visit Tanna Island should make sure that they book their hotel or resort accommodation on Tanna Island and make their travel arrangements in advance if they want to benefit from the best hotel deals in the area.

Tanna Island main attractions

While you enjoy the usual luxury and facilities at your Tanna resort or hotel accommodation, the natives often prefer a simple kind of life.  In many of the villages, technology is non-existent and they have also continued wearing their traditional clothing items.  The best option for tourists who are interested in witnessing the natives’ way of life is to join a tour group.  There are a few tour guides in the area that are able to take you to actual villages and guide you through while they explain everything that’s happening around you.  The Yankel Village is one such village that welcomes tourist.  The locals have adjusted their daily routine so that visitors can witness such tasks as fire building and traditional dancing.  Since there are no longer any English speakers in the village, having a guide will come in extremely handy.  Once you have made your way through the tour, you will have an opportunity to buy some hand crafted souvenirs made by the villagers.  That said, take care when making any purchases.  You need to be clear on your country’s custom laws and what they will and will not allow you to bring back home.

If you are familiar with the local history, you should know that it was the light of Mount Yasur that caught Cook’s eye.  If not for this magnificent volcano, the island may have remained as it was for many more years.  During your visit, a hike up Mount Yasur is an absolute must!  This volcano is active on a regular basis and many tourists particularly enjoy an evening hike in this area.  While some might encourage you to go beyond the safe area, it is not recommended since you stand the risk of being hit by flying rocks.  Play it safe and stick to the guidelines of the trail.

More things to do in Tanna Island

If you feel like getting out of your Tanna hotel or resort room but you still want to relax rather than hike or walk around, then you should certainly visit Mystery Island.  One mile of pure white sands with nothing but palm trees and blue water.  This is exact image of paradise and will allow you to relax both mind and body. It’s also a great snorkelling spot so take your gear along for the day.

For those who fancy a bit of diving, make your way over to the Blue Hole Number Two.  Even if you don’t plan on submerging yourself below the water, you can still enjoy the lovely views and tranquillity of this area.  There are several types of fish, marine life and the coral is absolutely beautiful.

Another main attraction on the island is the Lenuanatuaiu Waterfall.  The restaurant nearby facilitates trips to the falls and, as you enjoy the sound of the rushing water, you can take in all the fresh air from the lush surrounding forest.

White sands, green forests and an active volcano – what more can you want from an island experience?