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Port Vila is the capital and largest city in Vanuatu.  Agriculture, fishing and the local tourism industries are the city’s main source of revenue.  Most of the tourists that frequent Port Vila come from Australia and New Zealand but other foreigners are also drawn to its natural beauty and enlightening cultural experiences.  When planning your trip to Port Vila, the most important decision you will need to make is where to stay.  There are a number of resorts, hotels, rental apartments and other types of accommodation in Port Vila to choose from.  Obviously, the star rating of the establishment will directly affect the rate you pay.

Top outdoor activities in Port Vila

The tranquillity and pleasure of spending time outdoors is what encourages most visitors to vacate their hotel rooms quite early each morning.  There’s nothing better than an early morning stroll and breathing in that fresh air to build up a healthy appetite for breakfast. 

A great place to enjoy a relaxing walk is through the Summit Gardens.  This tropical garden is the largest in the South Pacific and features an essential oils distillery, a health and body shop, a café and more!  At almost 200m above sea level, you will also be able to enjoy a spectacular view of Mele Bay. 

The Mele Cascades will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to reach if you travel by car from the city. These falls do involve an admission fee but it is certainly worth it.  Be sure to pack some swimwear, towels and reef shoes since it can get quite slippery.  There are bathroom facilities and, if you like, you can even sit under the falls and let the refreshing waters run over you.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you should definitely give Zorbing a try at Mele hills.  This ride is one of the longest and most thrilling out there and you are sure to get wet so be prepared!

As the evening approaches, there is no need to retreat to your room just yet.  Enjoy a relaxing sunset walk along your favourite beach or visit the local harbour.

Other fun things to do in Port Vila

A rather unusual activity that attracts the attention of many tourists is the Underwater Post Office.  This is the only underwater post office in the world and visitors can purchase a waterproof post card to send.  Once you have your post card all ready to send, you are allowed to dive down and post it yourself.  You don’t need any diving experience and this is an activity that will definitely be remembered for years to come!

The Hideaway Island Marine Reserve is a popular spot for divers but visitors should be aware that most of the island’s best features and diving access is only available to those who have booked their Hideaway Island Resort accommodation here.

Iririki Island Resort is another popular resort for accommodation in Port Vila for many visitors, who have access to snorkelling equipment, boating fun, restaurants and more!  You may even get to see some traditional dancing while you’re here!

For great shopping during your stay, be sure to frequent the local Port Vila Markets.  Pick up fresh produce and simply enjoy mingling with the locals.   You will also come across several gift shops, speciality stores and sources of fine traditional works of art.  The right piece of art from Port Vila can really make the perfect gift our souvenir that will never go out of style.