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Apia is both the largest and the capital city of Samoa.  The city gets its name from the village of Apia which is still located within the boundaries of the city itself.  Visitors flock to these parts mainly for its natural appeal.  Between the beaches, waterfalls and other attractions, it’s no wonder that the resorts and hotels in Apia are constantly welcoming more guests.  By offering a variety of accommodation in Apia that ranges from cheap Apia hotels to luxury places to stay, Apia is an affordable holiday destination no matter what your budget may be.

Top activities and experiences in Apia

You cannot visit Samoa without getting a taste of the local culture.  Most of your time in Apia will probably be spent on the beach and in the water.  Your Apia hotel room will most likely be little more than a place to rest your head and freshen up. 

If you want to really enjoy a first-hand cultural experience and learn about the local heritage, then be sure to visit the Samoa Cultural Village.  While you are here you will be able to see how the locals process coconuts, build fires and sustain their way of life through traditional and ancient cultural practices.

For those looking for fun and something the whole family can enjoy, then don’t miss out on the Papaseea Sliding Rock.  There are three small waterfalls that are perfect for sliding down.  It might look a bit scary at first but, once you get started, it’s difficult to tear yourself away from this great spot!

The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is another great place for the whole family and it’s one of the top places for anyone looking to get away from the crowds and cool down in the heat.  Enjoy some snorkelling and get a good look at the marine animals that call this place their home.

Papapapaitai Falls might be a bit of a tongue twister but your eyes won’t have any trouble comprehending its beauty.  Surrounded by perfectly green rainforests, this 500 feet high waterfall is mesmerising to watch as it comes crashing down into a volcanic crater.

Other things to do in Apia

When it comes to tour companies and professional guides in Apia, you certainly have more than enough to choose from.  Feel free to browse online while booking your Apia resort accommodation or, after you check in, you can always as the hotel clerk or any one of the staff members for their recommendations.

Choosing your tour or tours will also depend on your interests.  You might prefer a trip out on a boat, a bike tour or a hike and you are sure to find a number of great options to suit your preferences and budget.

As each day comes to an end, there’s nothing better than sipping on your favourite cocktail or beverage as you watch the sun set.  Enjoy its warm glow as it reflects off the ocean and ushers in the night.  There are several bars, restaurants and clubs that offer evening entertainment.  An evening stroll after dinner is also a great way to walk off your meal before returning to your hotel for the night.

If you are looking for places to shop in Apia, you will find some of the best products and prices at the Old Apia Market.  You will find everything here from arts and crafts to fresh produce.  One great tip to remember is to try to knock their prices down.  Vendors will realize that you are not a local and they might try to up the price.  However, negotiating is a common practice here so don’t feel obliged to pay the initial price without trying to get a bit of a discount at least.