School children at Fenualoa Tuo in Samoa

Where to Stay in Samoa

Beautiful Samoa is your gateway to sun, sea, and fun in an unforgettable setting in the middle of the South Pacific.  The ten islands that make up Samoa have been blessed with some really superb beaches, tropical rainforests and stunning waterfalls, all waiting for you to discover them, including Upolu and Savaii Islands accommodation.  The waters are teeming with fish all year round, making it a fabulous destination for game fishing and there are many water-based activities to keep you occupied. Snorkelling is great in the crystal-clear lagoons and reefs, many of which are easily accessible directly off the beach.

When it comes to accommodation, Samoa will not let you down; there are resorts or hotels in Samoa for everyone, and all tastes and budgets are catered for.  If you are travelling on a tight budget you can be sure to find the best Samoa accommodation deals or cheap accommodation in Samoa right here online.  Book online to find where to stay in Samoa and browse our many resorts in Samoa and choose the best hotels in Samoa for you.

What to expect from your Samoan Accommodation.

In many of the Samoan Resorts, tourists have the opportunity to spend their nights in traditional Samoan fales, (which are rather like a large hut with open sides, which you close off with blinds, called polas – a bit like a huge tent, really).  These can be very basic, or very fancy indeed, depending on the resort, and there are even some built on stilts over the lagoon.  Other options for accommodation in Samoa include beach villas and there are plenty of cheap hotels in Samoa as well as hostels, guesthouses and B&B’s.

Some of the Best Samoa Resorts

At the top end of the luxury and expense scale you will find Samoa Resorts like Aga Reef Resort and Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa on the main island of Upolu.  These Samoan hotels offer beautiful rooms and great beaches with snorkelling opportunities.  There are several less expensive accommodation choices that get rave reviews, including the 3-Star Orator and Amanaki Hotels, and at the budget end of the scale the Mangrove Garden Restaurant and Accommodation offers thatched beachfront fales for an authentic Samoan island experience.