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Where to Stay – Hotels in Rotorua, New Zealand

Geologically, New Zealand is still putting up with a lot of growing pains, the most recent of which was a series of Cook Strait earthquakes that has affected both the capital, Wellington, and wine-growing regions in South Island. But further up north are earth-shaking tantrums that have become a way of life for people who are used to the sulphuric smell of Rotorua, New Zealand’s thermal wonderland.

Types of accommodation in Rotorua New Zealand

If you want to see what happens on the surface when the Pacific Plate grinds against the Australian Plate in real-time, book a hotel in Rotorua and see the earth spurt geothermal expletives.

Rotorua sits right at the centre of all this tectonic activity, sprawling on the southwest banks of an ancient caldera – or the cauldron-like remains of a volcano once it explodes and collapses. Instead of getting intimated by the incessant groan of what’s beneath its feet, Rotorua has fashioned itself as a spa destination for more than 100 years. This means you can find all types of accommodation in Rotorua, New Zealand to suit all budgets and tastes. Book online to find where to stay in Rotorua; there is your usual staple of cheap Rotorua accommodation like backpackers, inns, lodges, bed and breakfasts, and upmarket types like serviced apartments, plush hotels, lakeside villas and spa resorts.

Sights from your Rotorua accommodation New Zealand

Steams from thermal geysers are hard to overlook once you arrive at Rotorua, and this predictable display of hot water can be seen practically everywhere, most notably at Whakarewarewa and Pohutu. Rotorua motel accommodation here is less than 10 minutes away from the city centre.

It’s not hard to imagine how the Maori may have harnessed pent-up geothermal energy, especially when you take part in an indigenous feast called “hangi” where all the foods are cooked using earthen ovens. Despite the driving force of tourism to the local economy, the city has not come around to build more restaurants as it did with hotels in Rotorua, New Zealand, making the “hangi” feast all the more in demand.

It’s not only in the restaurant scene that Rotorua needs more action; its nightlife is rather tepid for a city known for its fiery temper. The only thing closest to a nightspot is the Main Street, locally known as Roto-Vegas for its smattering of Rotorua hotels and hedonistic establishments bathed in neon light.

What Rotorua lacks in man-made attractions it apparently makes up with its native appeal. Its bike tracks are considered the most scenic in New Zealand, while the lake of the same name is suitable for mild water sports like kayaking and fishing, not to mention launching off on a floatplane.

There are also buried villages to uncover, “marae” (communal place of worship and social hall) to visit, and natural parks to wander about. Park accommodation in Rotorua is available for travellers on campervan or recreational vehicle.

Do not miss the Government Gardens, which is more than what it says. Since it is likely within walking distance of your Rotorua hotel accommodation, why not take a soothing dip first in one of its many thermal pools before you call it a day?