Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

Hotels in Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

The Franz Josef Glacier is the more popular twin of Fox Glacier in South Island’s West Coast, in an area known as the gold and glacier country. Receiving an average of 2,700 visitors a day during the season – a surge in tourist traffic that Franz Josef Glacier hotels have learned to manage – the township of less than 350 inhabitants becomes alive and abuzz with the kind of electric energy that pumps you up for the adventures ahead.

Types of accommodation in Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier spilled into the Tasman Sea some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, with the latest advance noted in 2008. Since then, the glacier has been retreating.

Even with this cyclic retreat, Franz Josef Glacier is still 12 kilometres long, with its terminal face only 5 kilometres away from the township. The town centre itself is a beehive of activity; hotels in Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand township sleep at least 2,000 people a night during the peak season. With such a huge turnout, you can expect that certain comforts and luxuries are within reach, like donuts, pizza, croissants and even roti, a perfect pair to a hot bowl of Indian curry to warm you up after a day out in the cold.

Unlike its surroundings, nightlife in the township sizzles, with the last bar standing until 3AM! Night owls may want to scope out places to stay well ahead to get the best deals for a lot less. There are $25 backpackers and cottages, but if that runs out fast, there is your usual hotel, youth hostel, motels, bed and breakfasts, lodges, villas and sumptuous retreats.

Cool things near Franz Josef Glacier accommodation

Like any walk up to and onto the glacier, unguided tours of the area present a certain level of risk. While it is possible to experience the glacier by yourself, it is best to join a group not only to cut on tour costs but also to ensure help is on hand when needed.

With so many ice tourists elbowing their way onto the glacier, it is quite possible to “flightsee” and not spend top dollar for the helicopter. Split the bill with the other passengers, and skip the dangers of icefalls and crevasses altogether. The heliport of the township may be small, but it is in constant action during the season. Splurge the flight fee you save for a well-appointed Franz Josef Glacier accommodation, or for an indulgent soak on a hot pool fed by glacial waters after the end of a long, cold day.

Like Fox Glacier 30 minutes south, Franz Josef Glacier is surrounded by surprisingly verdant temperate forests. So after a heli-hike or an ice climb, you can tramp the mountains for a change of scenery. Then jump back into action in a white water adventure on Whataroa and Perth Rivers just 20 minutes north of the glacier. Cool off with a relaxing cruise on crystal clear Lake Mapourika with the magnificent glacier in full view.

You can decide where to stay in Franz Josef Glacier by booking online to find the best motel or hotel accommodation in Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand or a good deal.