Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier

Hotels in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Located in the shadow of New Zealand’s highest peak, Aoraki/Mount Cook, Fox Glacier is the smaller and quieter of the two in west coast’s Glacier Country. It is a well-fed, steep-sided valley of ice surrounded by temperate forests that conveys a feeling of desolation and presents an opportunity for undisturbed moments with nature all while being within driving distance and if you are particularly fit, even walking distance from the main highways.

Stay in Fox Glacier Hotels New Zealand and chill!

Because it lacks the crowd of the more popular Franz Josef Glacier, overnighting at Fox Glacier is an intimate experience in itself. Stay in Fox Glacier accommodation – there are motels, lodges, retreats, inns and hotels in Fox Glacier township – to explore this immense world of ice better. Book online to find where to stay in Fox Glacier.

Dropping 2,600 metres from its source high up in the Southern Alps and measuring 13 kilometres long from there to Tasman Sea, Fox Glacier is a world all its own especially during the off-peak winter season when fresh powder is thick, at times measuring up to 30 metres, and crowds are thin. Join a helicopter or ski plane ride to where it all begins and enjoy the spectacular winter wonderland views from there! You need of course a technical guide to navigate the unpredictable shifting of ice, or to figure out how to cross icefalls and crevasses to get around.

While coming during the summer and spring months entail a bit of competition for cheap but well-provisioned accommodation in Fox Glacier – and forgoing the phenomenal crisp mornings and blue winter skies – you at least get to do a self-guided walk even in the Fox Glacier Valley itself as long as you keep to the safe zone and heed all warning signs and posts. Stand before the terminal face of the glacier – which rises less than 300 metres above sea level – and marvel at the immensity of it all. Below your feet is another 300 metres of “blue ice”, ice that have accumulated and compacted over the millennia.

Walks from accommodation in Fox Glacier New Zealand

A great way to be alone with nature and with your thoughts is to venture outside your hotel in Fox Glacier and take a walk in the park. The Minnehaha, Moraine and River Walks are all for beginners, and take you along streams through a rainforest, a moraine landscape, and a lookout for a spectacular view of the glacier, respectively. Ponder the geologic concept of time and be mesmerized at the majestic scenery of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman reflected on the still waters of Lake Matheson which formed when the glaciers retreated during the last Ice Age.

If you have at least five days and alpine experience, the Upper Copland Valley Track would be more suitable to your level of mountaineering skill. There are no Fox Glacier hotels along the route, so you also need to have sufficient mountain hardware to make the most out of the experience.