Vuda Point MarinaHotels in Lautoka, Fiji

Holiday accommodation in Lautoka

Lautoka is the second largest city in Fiji and, if you hear people referring to it as the “Sugar City”, it’s because of its location in the very heart of the local sugar cane growing region.  The city went from having a fairly low population in the 70s to an explosion of growth over the following two decades.  Today, the city makes its many tourists feel right at home by providing accommodation in the form of hotels, resorts, hostels and other rentals. 

Enjoy the clean city of Lautoka

One thing you will notice as soon as you step outside your hotel room is just how clean the city is and how environmentally conscious everyone is.  They take great pride in their local botanical garden and there is also a park where you can take your young ones to enjoy some much needed play time.

As you walk down Vitogo Parade, the main street in Lautoka, you will enjoy the company of the royal palm trees that have been planted along the one side. 

As far as shopping is concerned, the local Lautoka Market is an absolute must!  Browse around to see all the fresh local produce and pick up some healthy snacks to nibble on as you further explore your surroundings.

The Vuda Point Marina is a privately established marina that has a lot to offer even if you don’t have a boat of your own.  You can shop around for gifts, souvenirs and even groceries.  Plan your visit sometime near sunset and get yourself a table at a restaurant here to enjoy your meal as the day turns to night.

Entertainment, sports and more

The main sports in the city include golf, rugby and netball.  If you are planning on enjoying a round of golf, you will probably best enjoy it early in the morning.  That way, you can return to wherever you booked your accommodation and freshen up before enjoying a late lunch or early dinner.

There are a number of social clubs throughout the city as well as family friendly evening entertainment in the form of children’s play centres and cinemas.  If you plan your visit during the month of September, you will be in town to enjoy the annual Sugar Festival.  The festival takes place over the period of one week and will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some local foods, entertainment, rides for the kids and various pageants.

In terms of cuisine, you will find that the local restaurants offer various types of food including Chinese, Indian, European and Italian.  Local Fiji dishes often include coconut and their seafood is wonderfully fresh and tasty.  Even the locals enjoy mixing it up in the kitchen and you will find that they too enjoy a more diverse diet.  All the more reason for visitors to follow their lead and let their taste buds do some culinary exploring of their own!