Black Rock Beach

Hotels in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands and the location for parliamentary buildings and the international airport.  The fact that this island is so easy to access is probably one of the main reasons for its popularity as a tourist destination.  There are plenty of things to do in Rarotonga and scenic areas to visit.  The prices and rates for accommodation in Rarotonga vary and one can find anything from all inclusive resorts in Rarotonga, luxury villas to cheap accommodation in Rarotonga.

Beaches and water fun in Rarotonga

Rarotonga has some of the most spectacular beaches you will ever be fortunate enough to come across.  Top choices among locals and tourists include Titikaveka Beach, Muri Lagoon and Black Rock Beach.  So, take a load off and enjoy a day of sun and sand!

If you fancy some scuba diving and enjoy exploring life below sea level, there are plenty of trained professionals ready to teach beginners and take you out on dives. 

If snorkelling is more up your alley but you still want the chance to get a good look at some beautiful marine life, then visit the Aroa Marine Reserve.  It is only about 3 meters deep at the most and other parts are about 1 ½ meters deep so this is great even for those who have never tried snorkelling before.

Other things to do in Rarotonga

A trip to the local Punanga Nui market is an absolute must!  You will need to get up really early to get to the market in time and to check out all the lovely fresh produce on sale.  Get a real tastes of all the exotic flavours of Rarotonga and shop around for trinkets and little souvenirs from the crafts vendors.

Visitors who enjoy climbing and hiking often make their way to Te Rua Manga (The Needle) for a challenging and scenic climb.  While certain areas are fairly easy, others can be a bit tough.  Make sure that you take plenty of water along with you and some energy boosting snacks too.

Other great places for nature lovers to visit include the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens, Wigmore’s Waterfall and the Takitumu Conservation Area.  Being surrounded by nature is the ultimate escape from the usual pressures of daily life back home and the clean air is always an added benefit.

For families, there are plenty of activities great for all.  Mini golf at the Cocoputt is a relatively new and increasingly popular spot for fun.  The Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre is the perfect place to learn about the local marine life while a trip to the Cook Islands Cultural Village will allow guests to submerge themselves in the local culture and traditions.

For those with more time, book accommodation in Aitutaki, and spend some time there, before flying home. If those planning holidays in Rarotonga and trying to figure out where to stay in Rarotonga, the best place to start looking is online.  Resorts in Rarotonga like the Edgewater Resort Rarotonga are often heavily booked in peak season.  Take a look around at Rarotonga accommodation deals online and make sure that you complete your Cook Islands accommodation booking online in advance.  Early bookings will help you avoid disappointment and have your pick of all the best hotels in Rarotonga.