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Aitutaki is the second most visited of all the Cook Islands and offers its residents and any visitors the kind of life that dreams are made of.  The island is home to just over 2,000 permanent residents and, thanks to such attractions as the central lagoon, tourists flock here year after year.  There’s nothing better than a real tropical style getaway and the hotels, resorts and other Aitutaki accommodation always ensure that their guests are treated to a relaxing holiday experience.

Enjoy the island life in Aitutaki

Spend a few nights accommodation in Rarotonga before flying to Aitutaki. As you wake to the unique sounds of the island each morning, you are bound be filled with a sense of tranquillity while experiencing an amazing burst of energy.  Look out the window of your hotel room and hear the island begging you to step outside and discover everything it has to offer.

The first place that visitors often choose to visit is the Aitutaki Lagoon and One Foot Island.  The waters are absolutely perfect and abundant in underwater life.  It’s ideal for snorkelling and diving.  The only word of caution to bear in mind is that you are quite likely to find stone fish living in these waters.  Make sure that you wear reef shoes to protect your feet in case you step on one.  They have amazing camouflage techniques and they are really poisonous so avoid touching them and make sure that you watch your children at all times.  Play it safe by familiarizing yourself with methods of treatment just in case you or a loved one comes into contact with one of these fish.

If you venture out to the island, you should know that there are no cafés or restaurants so take something along to eat and drink. 

The added bonus when visiting the lagoon is that the waters are quite shallow and you can usually see fairly well through the water even if the currents become stronger.

You can also sign up for a lagoon cruise to get a different kind of view of your surroundings.  Look for a cruise that offers trips out to Moturakau Island.  This is the very same island where the British TV show, Shipwrecked, and the American show, Survivor, were filmed.  The island has stunning beaches on one side with rugged volcanic rocks on the other.  This creates an amazing, diverse landscape that also attracts plenty of bird life.

Other things to do in Aitutaki

While you are on holiday in Aitutaki, you are bound to notice how other visitors and even the locals are in relax mode all the way!  There’s nothing better than lounging around, waking up as late as you like, leaving your Cook Islands hotel room whenever you please and enjoying life at your leisure.

You’re not going to find any of the usual things that you will see in a busy city.  Don’t expect large shopping malls or high rise buildings.  Aitutaki is all about exploring and discovering your amazing natural surroundings.

There are a number of professional tour companies in the area.  If you would like to get a closer look at life underwater, feel free to sign up for a diving adventure.  For those who prefer life above sea level, there are a number of boating companies operated by local guides.  As you cruise around, they will share their vast knowledge of the area and its history with you.

Glass bottom boat tours, fishing expeditions and even kite boarding schools are all ready and waiting to show you the time of your life in Aitutaki!