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The Sunshine Coast is a popular tourist destination in Queensland and Australia as a whole. With world class attractions and major annual sporting events, it’s no wonder visitors flock here from all around the globe. The Sunshine Coast is also know to cater for various budget by offering accommodation that ranges from 5 star luxury suites and apartments to cheap hotels and hostels.

Top Sunshine Coast attractions

For travellers who want the option of plenty of outdoor activities, then the Sunshine Coast won’t let you down. From immaculate beaches to lush forests, it’s all here to be explored and enjoyed. There’s nothing better than waking up early in the morning and escaping the four walls of your hotel room for a walk on the beach or among the local vegetation.

Depending on where you have booked your Sunshine Coast accommodation, you will be able to take your pick in terms of beaches. Ask the receptionist and staff at your hotel for their suggestions. The locals will generally give you the best information from their first hand experiences.

A relaxing walk from the Noosa Heads to Sunshine Beach through the Noosa National Park will take less than three hours. There are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the spectacular views.

Another lovely place to enjoy a stroll at your own leisure is the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. Not only is this area perfect for staying out of the sun while enjoying the company of the birds and other local wildlife. The hike up to Kondalilla Falls requires a bit more effort but it’s definitely worthwhile.

Australia is synonymous with various forms of wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and crocodiles. A wonderful attraction suitable for the whole family is the Australia Zoo. The animals in this zoo were captured by none other that the legendary crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. Arrive early and take your time to enjoy a close look at the fascinating animals kept here. They even have a wonderful bird, snake and crocodile show that will both educate and entertain everyone.

The Underwater World aquarium is another great family activity. It’s the perfect thing to do if the weather doesn’t allow for much outdoor fun.

The Ginger Factory is another major attraction in the Sunshine Coast and offers visitors educational tours, fun rides, shopping and more!

Markets and Nightlife on the Sunshine Coast

Daytime activities are guaranteed to keep you out and about from the earlier part of the morning. After a day out exploring, hiking or on the beach, there’s nothing better than a late afternoon break in your hotel room. Enjoy a relaxing shower, freshen up and prepare for an evening out.

There are a few places to enjoy local evening entertainment. The most popular of which being the Lake Macdonald Amphitheatre. Before booking your holiday, check the local listings and make enquiries regarding what they are showing.

Another great way to spend your evenings is by enjoying a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants before moving on to a friendly bar for drinks and a chance to mingle with the locals.

Depending on where you have booked your stay in the Sunshine Coast, you will also have access to various markets for fresh produce, arts and crafts. The Eumundi Market, the Belmondos Fresh Food Market in Noosaville and the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore are some of the most popular choices among locals and tourists.