Mount Ainslie

Hotels in Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Canberra is the capital city of Australia and, as such, has a thriving local economy and tourism industry.  Both local and international visitors frequent this city for business trips, family holidays and sometimes even a combination of the two.  There are dozens of hotels, apartments and other forms of accommodation in Canberra make the city’s guests feel right at home.  You can find everything from a 5 star luxury hotel room with an extensive en suite and other room features to a simple, cheap hostel bed to rest your head each night.

Most popular Canberra attractions

The city is known for offering its visitors the perfect combination of historic sights and natural surroundings.  If you have spent a fair amount of time travelling to reach Canberra, you probably want to get settled in at your hotel before heading straight back out the door in search of adventure.  Give your legs a good stretch by venturing up to the popular lookout point at Mount Ainslie.  While you can drive up, the walk is an even better way to appreciate your surroundings and the views along the way.  Once you reach the lookout, you will have the best view of the city, the main lake and other surrounding features.

The National Carillon is a lovely place to enjoy a relaxing picnic so, when you visit the island located in the main lake, be sure to take a basket of goodies along.  There are several walking trails and you might even hear a carillon player practising if you’re lucky.

The Telstra Tower is 195m tall and one of the main attractions in the city.  Not only can you enjoy learning all about the telecommunications history of Australia but you can also experience the superb view from the observation deck.

You will also find several memorials throughout the city including one in honour of the Royal Australian Navy, an Australian National Korean War Memorial and more than one display set in honour of the famous Captain Cook.

Other great things to do in Canberra

A fun family activity in Canberra is a trip to Cockington Green.  Enjoy a steam train ride through this carefully built mini village, enjoy the lush green gardens and do some souvenir shopping while you are here.

During the summer months, it’s no secret that the Australian heat can be really unforgiving.  It is days like these that attract busloads of people to the Big Splash Waterpark and other similar facilities.  Cool off and enjoy some water fun fit for the whole family.

A trip to the National Zoo and Aquarium is a two in one kind of experience for all!  Not only will you be able to view some of the most fascinating land animals and sea creatures but you could even sign up to pet a cheetah!

For evening entertainment in Canberra, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you out on the town and out of your hotel room for hours every day (and night).  Check the local listings for the Canberra Theatre Centre and make sure to get tickets to your favourite show as soon as you arrive in order to avoid disappointment.

You will also notice a fair number of bars, pubs, restaurants and other similar establishments designed to keep you very much entertained until the early hours of the morning.

If you are looking for the best places to do some shopping in Canberra, don’t miss out on the Old Bus Depot Markets.  There are plenty of handmade arts and crafts to see and buy here.  These make the best souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home.  There are also several art galleries that specialise in displaying and selling the work of local artists.