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Alice Springs in the Northern Territory is one of Australia’s most central towns and the distance to Darwin, South Australia and Adelaide are almost equal.  Due to its location along the Adelaide-Darwin railway, the town is very easy to access by rail.  Visitors often choose to fly to Adelaide and make their way to Alice Springs by train.  Travelling by train offers tourists the chance to see the Australian landscapes in a spacious and comfortable coach.  Although situated in the middle of the central desert area, Alice Springs provides a comfortable oasis for travellers and residents.  The hotels, resorts, rental apartments and other forms of accommodation ensure that guests are able to choose where to stay based on their needs and budget.

Main Alice Springs attractions

Once you have settled down in your Alice Springs hotel room, it’s time to freshen up and head out for some exploring.  Depending on how energetic you are feeling and how much time you have to wonder around, there are several things to see and do on your first day.

Sights like the geological formations known as Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon and Chambers Pillar are quite far from town and if you wish to make your way this far out, you should do so when you have a couple of days at your disposal.

For a wonderful view of Alice Springs, make your way up Anzac Hill.  The time it takes you to get here will largely depend on where you have booked your accommodation.  Check a map or ask one of the hotel employees.  Remember to take some refreshments with you and your camera of course.  There’s nothing better than enjoying the sunset from this scenic lookout point.  If you do plan on watching the sun go down, make sure that you take a flash light and a jacket in case temperatures drop (depending on the season).

The area also has plenty of animal sanctuaries and centres which are great for meeting some of the local wildlife and always prove entertaining for children.  The Kangaroo Sanctuary and the Alice Springs Reptile Centre are both fun and educational.  As for the local Camels, this is your opportunity to enjoy a camel ride while discovering your surroundings from a unique vantage point.

Enjoy the day out exploring Alice Springs

While some might see the desert as a wasteland with little to offer, Alice Springs has plenty of fantastic desert attractions.  Some are closer to town while others could take several hours to reach.  The best thing to do is to plan your trip and make sure that you leave your accommodation early enough to travel at your leisure.

For the complete experience, the Alice Springs Desert Park has it all.  The native fauna and flora that call this park home enjoy a space of 1,300 hectares.  Not only are visitors able to get a closer look at the remarkable resilient nature of desert life but a trip to this park will also prove educational in terms of local conservation.

For truly breathtaking views of the area, there is no better lookout than from the top of Mount Gillen.  The walk up will take you less than one hour and the walk down will be a bit easier and faster of course.  Make sure that you pack plenty of refreshments and set out as early as possible if you are visiting in the hot summer months.  The Australian sun can be somewhat unforgiving at midday.

Apart from hiking, you can also make your way around by bike.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the sights and stop whenever you like to enjoy the view, but you can also cover a larger distance.  A popular biking trail in the area is Simpsons Gap Bicycle Path.  The distance there and back is about 50km and, although it’s a fairly easy ride, you may want to avoid this trail in the heat of the day.  Like hiking, biking is best in the morning and late afternoon.


The best local shopping in Alice Springs comes in the form of local arts and crafts.  There’s no better way to remember a trip than with the perfect souvenirs.  In terms of the local nightlife, you will notice a distinct difference compared to a large city.  There are several bars, taverns and restaurants in the area but the best thing to do at night is enjoy the desert air and the view of the stars.