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Hotels in Albany WA, Australia

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The port city of Albany is the oldest permanently settled city in Western Australia.  In fact, Albany was home to settlers before other major cities including Perth and it initially served as a kind of gateway to the goldfields to the east.  Today, Albany attracts flocks of tourists each year thanks to the way in which the local history and natural surroundings have been preserved.  In order to properly cater for all types of tourists, Albany accommodation ranges from luxury, 5 star rooms to hostels and cheap hotels in Albany.

What to do in Albany WA

Due to the many outdoor attractions in Albany, visitors often leave their hotel rooms early in the morning and only return to freshen up and get some sleep.  An early trip to  is usually at the top of every tourist’s list of things to do here and you will never leave disappointed!  White sand, great swimming, perfect for kids and local birdlife to keep you company.  What more could you want?  Spend at least half a day here before exploring more of what Albany has to offer.

Another great activity to enjoy is a drive out to The Gap and Natural Bridge.  The car park is nearby and there are signs to mark the way.  Stick to the path set out by the signs and do not deviate since off route areas can be dangerous.  Take the time to enjoy the fresh ocean air and sound of the rushing waters.

King George Sound is another tranquil outdoor spot with plenty of natural views to enjoy.  There are even companies in the area that offer special whale watching trips.  If you have never seen the graceful giants that glide through our earth’s oceans, this is a great time to do so!  On the topic of whales, Whale World is a museum with a difference.  It documents the history of the whaling industry that thrived in Albany before being brought to an end in the 70s.  This museum stands to educated its visitors on the reality of the whaling industry and it is important to note that some of the displays and exhibits can be rather graphic (perhaps not suitable for the young ones).

Historic Albany

For those who enjoy a bit or war history, the Princess Royal Fortress is a must.  If you have kids travelling with you, they will really enjoy getting their hands on some of the still functional machinery.

The night tour of the Albany Convict Gaol is not your average tour!  You will be taken on an unforgettably spooky tour that will bring all the stories and local legends to life.  Like Whale World, this also might not be suitable for young children.

The HMAS Perth is a historic ship now underwater.  Not only does this wreck serve as an artificial reef but it’s also a popular spot for divers.  So, if you have your diving qualifications, this should certainly be on your list of things to do while you’re here!

The Replica of the Brig Amity is a full sized model of the ship that carried a military party and convicts to the Princess Royal Harbour in 1826.  This ship represents Albany’s beginnings years before settlers established the Swan River Colony (now Perth).

There’s plenty of nature, history and fun to be had in Albany and each morning visitors awake with nothing in mind other than to get up, get dressed and leave their Albany hotel accommodation behind for the day.  The local restaurants, bars and other evening establishments are also sure to keep locals and tourists entertained until the early hours of the morning.