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Sydney’s airport is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world.  Since it is an international airport, it is also the most likely place to which most foreign tourists will fly.  Just 8km from the city centre, this airport is the busiest in the country and includes facilities like car rental services and accommodation nearby.  Hotels and motels near Sydney airport make it easy for travellers to reach their hotel room shortly after arriving and they are able to catch early or late flights back home without having to worry about travelling a long distance to reach the airport.

Top Sydney attractions close to the airport

The Sydney Aquarium is almost 12km from the airport and is a fantastic place for the whole family.  It’s particularly worth visiting if the weather is at all unsuitable for outdoor activities.

One of the biggest landmarks in the city is the Sydney Harbour Bridge and it’s just less than 14km from the airport.  The bridge has 8 vehicle lanes, 2 rail tracks as well as a cycleway and walkway.  There is also a museum in the south east column where visitors can learn about the history and construction of the bridge.

If you have booked your Sydney accommodation near the airport, you probably also want to explore the sights closest to you first.  The Sydney Botanic Gardens are approximately 16km from the airport and features several different gorgeous displays.  If you have just arrived in the city, this is a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air after your flight in.  Centennial Park and Luna Park are also less than 12 and 16km from the airport respectively.  So, no matter which park you prefer, you have several to choose from.

Bondi Beach is just over 16km from the airport and is the most famous beach in the area.  The beach is another place to go to stretch your legs, enjoy the fresh ocean air and spend at least part of the day enjoying the sun.

Other top attractions in Sydney

The sight of the Sydney Opera House is the one landmark most commonly associated with this great city.  There are tours of the Opera House and walking around the nearby harbour is another lovely relaxing activity that will allow you to enjoy the superb views while experiencing the local culture.  If you are looking for evening entertainment and something to do while out, about and away from your hotel, you should certainly check the local listings for any shows you may enjoy.

Getting around the city should be quite easy with various forms of public transport.  If you want to make use of a different kind of transport, why not take a ride on the Sydney Ferries?  These ferries have been in operation since 1875 and will take you to various parts of the city via the harbour and Parramatta River.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Manly Scenic Walkway has plenty of hiking trails to choose from.  Depending on which one you choose, you can see sights like Dobroyd Head, Manly Lagoon, Crater Cove, Parkhill Cottage and Castle Rock.

In terms of shopping, the Westfield Sydney mall is a great place to do some shopping.  The local fish market is great for finding fresh seafood and even just for a look around.  There are plenty of restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and lounges to entertain you until the early hours of the morning.  In addition, if you feel like going it alone is too much, you can also sign up for city tours in order to fit in as many of the main highlights as possible.  The main advantage of this is that you won’t need to drive anywhere or navigate your way through a foreign city.  Your experienced guide will also be able to provide you with inside information that you may not have known without doing a fair amount of research in advance.