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Hotels in Washington DC, USA

Not to be confused with Washington State located on the US west coast, Washington DC is the United States capital.  While some may refer to the city as Washington, it is more commonly called DC which stands for District of Columbia.  Due to the constant influx of businessmen, businesswomen, political figures and tourists, the hotels in Washington DC are always in high demand.  Of course, if you are visiting the United States from abroad, DC is one of the cities where you should definitely spend more than just a day.  If you are on a tight budget, book a room at one of the cheap hotels in Washington DC.  You aren’t likely to spend much time in it at all since there’s just so much to see and do!

Most famous Washington DC sights

The capitol building itself is probably the most well-known of all.  In fact, the White House is distinctly representative of the United States as a whole and has been for many years.  Its construction started in 1793 and, for over two centuries, it has been the meeting place for the Senate and House of Representatives.  A guided tour of this spectacular historical building is an absolute must!

If you are already visiting the White House as part of your holiday experience, don’t miss out on viewing the Washington Monument as well.  Many tourists enjoy taking comical photos from a distance but do yourself a favour and enjoy the view of the city from the monument’s observation deck.

The 19-foot Lincoln Memorial is a famous sight to visit and a chance to pay respect to America’s history.  Featured in numerous films, there is no way that you cannot feel humility when in the presence of such a breathtaking statue.  Another popular memorial to visit is the Jefferson Memorial.  Here you will find a massive bronze statue of who many claim to be one of the most important of the founding fathers.

Learning and fun in Washington DC

For art fans, a visit to the National Gallery of Art is a must.  Here you will find works dated back as far as the 13th century along with more modern works.  Other popular art museums and galleries include the Hillwood Museum & Gardens, the National Portrait Gallery and the Phillips Collection.

The Newseum is one of the top activities in the city and perfect for the whole family.  With plenty of interactive exhibits, you can easily lose yourself here for hours.

There are a number of war memorials in the city including the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and even the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

For some fascinating and truly eye-opening experiences, be sure to visit the Library of Congress and admire the massive book collection.  The Smithsonian is another great place for everyone to learn and is comprised of a number of buildings.  Make sure that you allow at least half a day to really take it all in.

Washington enjoys lovely summers but even before winter officially arrives, the evening and night time temperatures can be somewhat unforgiving.  When planning your holiday, look for Washington DC hotel deals that allow you to book your trip for the warmer summer months.  Run some searches online to compare the accommodation rates and facilities of the best hotels in Washington DC, the apartments for rent in Washington DC and even the hostels in Washington DC.  Remember that an online accommodation booking can help you save money and afford a more luxurious room when deciding where to stay in Washington DC.