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Oregon has one of the most diverse landscapes in the United States.  It boasts picturesque waterfalls, abundant forests, Cascade Mountains and a desert that stretches out in the direction of the Great Basin.  It is also a coastal state so a trip to the beach is definitely an option if you play your cards right.  Most of the major cities in Oregon are located within close range of the Pacific coastline and top stops include Portland, Eugene, Springfield and of course the capital, Salem.  The hotels in Oregon can really vary in price depending on where you choose to stay.  Each city and town has different sights and attractions to offer so planning in advance and doing your research is always a good idea.  If you are on a particularly tight budget, you can still make the most of your trip, and money, by making your hotel booking online and taking advantage of the best hotel deal you can find.

Best tourist attractions throughout Oregon

Orgeon is the birth place of the world famous cartoonist, Matt Groening.  He makes several references to his home town of Portland and visitors can enjoy a Simpsons Tour where experienced guides take you around town.  Take a look at pictures from the cartoon and compare them with your local surroundings to see just how much this city influenced the creation of the longest running cartoon series in history.

Some other great sights to visit in Oregon include the Ecola State Park, where the 1985 film The Goonies was filmed, the 1926 Astoria Column and the Oregon Coast Aquarium at Yaquina Bay. 

Crater Lake National Park is another big winner in terms of tourism and visitors travel from all over the world to see this amazing sight.  Crater Lake is all that remains of a destroyed volcano and is 592 meters in depth at its deepest point.  Other park features include Crater Peak and Llao Rock.  Driving along Rim Drive is a popular activity while exploring the Pacific Crest Trail can be done on foot or on horseback.

For anyone interested in the local history and fascinating architecture, the Pittock Mansion is a great stop to make.  It was the home of the Pittock family and was even featured as the finishing point on the 13th season of the reality show, The Amazing Race.

Entertainment, nightlife and shopping

If you enjoy theme parks and fun rides, there are a number of such facilities throughout Oregon.  Salem is home to the Enchanted Forest and Oaks Park is in Portland.  The Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark is part of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and is located in McMinnville.  Lively Park in Springfield has swimming facilities, water slides, spas and family friendly play areas.

Portland is a hot spot for nightlife activities including dancing, live music, karaoke and more.  Of course, other cities like Salem also have their fair share of evening fun, bars and restaurants to enjoy a great night out on the town.

In terms of shopping, make sure that you look for a Made In Oregon store.  There are a few of them located in various cities across the state and it’s the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or gift.

Oregon is quite famous for its variety of cheeses so make sure that you pick up some locally made cheese and try as many different types before you return home from your trip.

Depending on which cities or towns you plan to visit, you should also look up the local flea markets and shopping centers.  They are always great to visit if you want to get a feel for the local culture and you never know what treasures you will find along the way.