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Landing at JFK Airport makes it not only possible but also easy to see some of the best sites in New York City. As you walk down the busy streets of the noisiest city in the world, you’ll undoubtedly understand what Frankie was singing about all those years ago. New York City is like a meeting place for cultures and people from every corner of the globe and the electric energy that flows through the city is highly contagious and definitely addictive. Given the high traffic volumes, it’s usually a good idea to find accommodation near JFK Airport itself. That way, you can drop off your luggage and start exploring right away. If your flight arrives late in the evening, you can also enjoy the benefit of picking up a car rental the following morning from JFK Airport after a good nights rest at your JFK hotel accommodation; or alternatively dropping off your car the night before an early morning flight, allowing you the convenience of getting the airport shuttle from your hotel at JFK Airport and not having to worry about your car on departure day.

Exploring New York city

The biggest bit of advice that any tourist should keep in mind when visiting New York City is that there is no such thing as peak hour traffic here. The streets are always full and getting in a taxi will not only cost you a pretty penny but it could even take you longer than walking at times. Booking a rental car in New York might seem like an attractive idea. Just take note that the city street cleaners perform clean ups at night and the alternate sides. So, on a Monday you may need to park on the left side whereas, the next day, you should park on the right if you don’t want your car to be towed.

Underground transport is still the fastest way to get around with no worries of traffic. The New York Underground once has a terrible reputation but, rest assured, the city has really cleaned up its act.

Another great way of making your way around the city and getting to the most amazing tourist attractions is on the hop-on, hop-off tour bus. This bus takes you all around the city, provides you with fascinating information on the local history and allows you to step off at each major site with the option of getting back on once you’ve had the chance to properly explore.

Top sights in New York

If you are able to, you should definitely take the time to visit the famous Statue of Liberty, one of the 10 best things to do in New York. Catch the ferry and enjoy the amazing view of the city. The World Trade Center Memorial is another place of interest. Although it is more on the sombre note, it still attracts the masses due to the enormous impact of the events of September 11th.

For those who enjoy the theatre and live performances, Broadway is calling your name! Check the local listings before planning your trip and make sure that you are able to attend your favourite shows.

As you make your way through the city, you will surely come across Time Square and it’s easy to distinguish the locals from the tourists. Tourists simply can’t stop themselves from looking up at all the amazing skyscrapers and massive digital billboards that make this part of the city so spectacular.

For some of the best views of the city, make sure that you visit the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock Observation Deck (located in the Rockefeller Center). Grand Central Terminal has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. A visit to this station won’t take up much of your time and it really is quite special. Take note of the interior design as well as the exterior architecture.

Other major skyscrapers that will grab your attention include the Chrysler Building and the Woolworth Building. Of course, if you seek greener surroundings, make your way to Central Park for a wonderful day out and perhaps even a picnic lunch.

Don’t forget to do some serious shopping while you are here. New York is known for its innovative designers and fashion. The Chelsea Market is great for a variety of items and stores like Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany & Co are certainly worth at least browsing through. In fact, if you stand in front of Tiffany’s, you will be standing in the exact location where the Deep Blue Something music video for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was filmed!