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The state of Missouri is commonly referred to as the “Show Me State”.  It is believed that this slogan came about when Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver said, “I’m from Missouri and you’ve got to show me.”  The famous St. Louis World’s Fair was first held in 1904 and it was the perfect opportunity for locals to introduce the masses to several new foods and beverages.  It is believed that this very fair gave rise to the invention of ice tea and ice cream cones.  Like many other cities and towns, those in Missouri regularly host events and festivals.  If you want to attend a particular event, you should check the local listings while browsing through available hotel accommodation in Missouri online.

Top attractions in Missouri

Probably the most recognisable features in the entire state is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  Visitors can enjoy a city view from a height of 625 feet by making their way up by elevator.  The Gateway Arch is located in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park but it is easy to spot no matter where you are staying in the city.

The city of Branson is well-known for hosting many live performances throughout the year and, in particular, country artists; so consider including a show if you have hotel accommodation in Branson, Missouri.  Other attractions in this city include Table Rock Lake and the Silver Dollar theme park.

Forest Park in St Louis is a lovely place to spend the day and it’s also great for the whole family.  It was the location for the 1904 World Fair and is now home to features like the St Louis Zoo, the St Louis Art Museum, gardens, ponds and more.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield attracts history enthusiasts from all over.  The 1861 battlefield grounds is now also home to a museum dedicated to this particular battle and houses a number of fascinating artefacts.

If you have read such books as “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” or “The Prince and the Pauper”, then if you have accommodation in Missouri, you might be interested in visiting the boyhood home and museum dedicated to the great author, Mark Twain.  This home in Hannibal was built in 1843 by his father and he lived here from the age of 7 until he turned 18.

Missouri style meals

Each state and each country has its very own culinary culture and favourites in the kitchen.  No matter which city or cities you visit when booking your Missouri hotel accommodation, your local farmers market will have the best selection of fresh produce.  There really is nothing better than cooking with fresh ingredients.

Kansas City (not to be confused with Kansas City, Kansas which is just across the border), is known for its barbecuing skills.  If you are able to, then pick up some fresh meat and ask locals for their best recipes.  Otherwise, you can look around for a quality barbecue restaurant and let the pros serve up a feast, when staying in Missouri, USA.