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The state of Georgia is most well-known for its importance in the peach and granite industries.  The capital city of Georgia is Atlanta and the local airport is certainly on par with other major international airports throughout the world.  As you make your way to land in Atlanta, you can help but notice the wonderful green landscape below.  It is this very sight that should inspire your travels through this fine state.  Depending on where you want to spend most of your visit, and the type of Georgia hotel accommodation preferred, the hotels in Georgia vary in price.  You have a choice of places to stay in Georgia, including the busy city of Atlanta, scenic locations like Savannah and historic cities like Saint Marys.

Top things to do in Georgia

With so many different locations to visit within a single state, visitors can enjoy various landscapes all in one visit.  Savannah has a lovely coastal setting while Atlanta has a more central location.  Just north of Atlanta you will come across the city of Gainesville.  Gainesville is known as the chicken capital of the world and, while visiting this city, remember that it’s illegal to eat chicken with a fork!  The ordinance was first accepted in 1961 and people have in fact been arrested for not complying.

Just 15 minutes from Atlanta, another great place to visit is Stone Mountain Park.  Family activities here include hiking, fishing and golf.  To attractions in the park also include Summit Skyride, Geyser Towers, SkyHike and the Scenic Railroad. 

The Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville is a lovely place to enjoy an outdoor escape.  The view of the trees and natural surroundings while enjoying a picnic is second to none.

Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville is the largest waterfall in the south-eastern United States.  Many visitors prefer the view from the local Maple Restaurant while others like to hike through the area and find their own perfect lookout point.

Jekyll Island was once a getaway for the elite in town.  Today, it is the perfect place to escape the city and enjoy some time by the water while viewing the local bird life.

The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is located in the northern parts of the state and is the ideal place to visit if you are partial to green surroundings.  Activities here include horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, fishing and route 76 is a wonderful scenic drive should you wish to do some more exploring in the area.

Savannah is home to a number of interesting and important historic sites like Monterey Square.  Look around as you explore and you are bound to find an abundance of statues and historic buildings.

Atlanta is an attraction all in itself.  The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the local aquarium are just two of the most visited attractions.  Whether it’s history, culture or family friend fun you seek, you can find your fair share in this energetic city.

Shopping and entertainment

If you are serious about shopping, then you should start your bargain hunting adventure in Atlanta.  The city has everything from outlets and malls to speciality and souvenir stores.  If you want to get the most value for money, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the usual prices for various items before making any purchases.  Take a look through the souvenirs at the airport, for example, and you will be able to spot a hot deal that much easier.

Most of your top entertainment and evening activities will obviously be found in Atlanta.  The Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse are just three local options to choose from.  No matter what kind of entertainment you prefer, you will enjoy hours of fun of your choice in Atlanta.

No matter which of the local cities and towns you choose to visit, and the accommodation you book in Georgia, one thing is for sure, you simply have to enjoy at least one Coca-Cola during your trip.  That’s because this popular soda was invented in May 1886, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia!  So, what better place to enjoy a Coke than in the very state it was first made?