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The Grand Canyon is Arizona’s biggest tourist attraction and possibly the most well-known site in the entire United States.  People come from all over the world to get a look at this natural wonder and it’s no surprise that the local tourism industry continues to profit.  Tours, car rental and RV rental vehicles and hotels in the Grand Canyon area all receive regular customers and guests.  Booking accommodation in the Grand Canyon region in the US can be done quickly and easily by simply surfing the web.  Prices for Grand Canyon hotels vary depending mostly on their location and spots at the camp grounds in the national park are also a in high demand.

Things to do and see

A great way to get a good view from many angles is by exploring the popular rim trail.  The ground remains fairly level so it is an easy hike even for younger members of the family.  It also has some of the best views. The South Kaibab Trail is a bit more challenging but the views are well worth the effort.  During the summer months, the area experiences high temperatures and this trail does not offer any shelter from the sun.  With the lack of shade and walking in the midday sun, visitors are advised to take plenty of water along.

A hike along the Bright Angel Trail will take you along the north rim and to the picturesque Bright Angel Point.  While the views from the south rim might be more well-known and photographed, the north rim offers superb views as well and is certainly worth exploring.

A trip to the inner canyon is possible by hiking, mule or by raft.  It takes a fair amount of time to reach the inner canyon so you can expect to spend the night here before heading back the next day.

The Yavapai Observation Station is a stunning viewpoint and it also houses some exhibits that provide a better geological understanding of the area. 

If you prefer driving to walking, there are plenty of scenic drives in the area and they allow you to really explore the Grand Canyon in an effortless way.  Be sure to stop, walk around and really take in the views along the way rather than simply driving past.

Camping at the Grand Canyon

The closer you get to the Grand Canyon, the more expensive the hotels tend to get.  If these prices aren’t within your budget and you still want to stay as close as you can to the canyon itself, then consider camping as an option.

Camp grounds are located on the north and south rims.  The grounds to the south are open throughout the year whereas those to the north are only open during certain months.  The best times to visit would be during the spring, summer or autumn seasons.  During the winter, some of the local facilities and establishments (like restaurants) close down.  The summer is fairly hot whereas the spring and autumn bring on more moderate temperatures.  Plan your trip and make sure that you also make a booking for your place at the camp grounds well enough in advance. 

There is a fee to enter the Grand Canyon National Park in order to access the camp grounds and sights.  The camp grounds charge a rate per night and prices may vary.  Of course, there really is nothing like sleeping outdoors and being able to enjoy the magnificent night’s sky.