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Anchorage, USA is not only the most populous city in Alaska but it is also the largest community in North America.  While the city only has a very short history in terms of settlement, it has no shortage of sights and activities.  Perhaps it is this short history that has helped preserve some of the most amazing natural sights in the area.  When visiting Anchorage, visitors are in for a real getaway with plenty of outdoor fun and hiking trails.  After spending so much time out exploring every day, you will be happy to get better acquainted with your Anchorage hotel room bed.  On that note, the hotels in Anchorage are quite reasonably priced and there are even hostels in the city for those who need really cheap accommodation in Anchorage, Alaska. Book online to find where to stay in Alaska.

Getting in touch with nature in Anchorage

Anchorage offers its visitors and locals the luxury of all the modern facilities one could need as well as the added bonus of enjoying nature all around.  Take a cruise around Prince William Sound and you will be fascinated by the sights of glaciers, waterfalls, fjords and bays all in one area. 

If you’d rather keep your feet on solid ground, the Chugach National Forest is calling your name.  The contrast of snow-capped mountains against the rich green slopes is a sight that you will remember for years to come.

The local botanical garden is a great place to see a wide variety of the local plant life all in one place.  Even if you don’t fancy yourself to be a plant expert, it is also a lovely place to enjoy a lazy stroll through nature.

Resolution Park has some of the most amazing views and you should also make sure to visit the Captain James Cook statue while you are here.  He was famous for numerous voyages including the first contact with Australia and Hawaii.  He also recorded the very first circumnavigation of New Zealand.  Cook Inlet in Alaska was named after this adventurous captain and he made notable contributions to the mapping of much of the US coastline.

For animal lovers, the local bird sanctuary, fish hatchery and zoo are just some of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife.

Shopping and evening entertainment

Although most people think of Alaska as a quiet place with not much going on in terms of the nightlife, Anchorage is home to several lively establishments.  There are a number of pubs and bars that each have something different to offer.  Since each of them has their very own theme, you can be sure to come across some interesting music, interact with the fun-loving locals and enjoy some of the freshest and most delicious fish you will ever taste!

Anchorage is known as the most tax-friendly city in the United States and does not levy a sales tax.  This makes for fantastic local shopping during your visit and you can find everything you need in the supermarkets.  The 4th Street Market and Festival is also a great place for bargains.

Visitors who want to learn more about the local history and culture can visit a number of museums and cultural sites within the city.  They cover every topic imaginable from general history and aviation to art and law enforcement.  The Wells Fargo Museum is probably one of the most popular of all the local museums.