Pioneer Plaza

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When you hear somebody mention the great city of Dallas, Texas in the USA, you can almost instantly hear the theme song of an old favourite soap opera start to play.  You can imagine the men strutting around in their cowboy hats and all the high rise buildings around them.  The city hasn’t changed all that much over the years.  It is still as grand and full potential as it was when drilling for oil was the only thing on anyone’s mind.  Today, however, the city has more than just oil and cotton to offer.  Visitors can take advantage of everything from thrilling entertainment and outdoor relaxation to museums, fabulous shopping centres and nights out on the town.  Your Dallas hotel room will be the last thing on your mind with so much to see and do.  So finding the most affordable hotel accommodation in Dallas, Texas is usually a top priority for all visitors, when deciding where to stay in Dallas, Texas.

Exploring Dallas

One of the best ways to really explore any large city is to do so on foot.  Sure, you can take a taxi, bus or other form of public transport from one end of town to the other but make sure that you allow enough time for strolling about.

A fashionable favourite among locals and tourists is the Bishop Arts District.  There’s no shortage of art galleries, antique shops and places to eat and take a break along the way.  Pioneer Plaza is another unique location to explore on foot.  You can’t miss the bronze cattle and horses displayed as a depiction of a cattle drive.

On a more aerial note, if you want to get a view of the city from above then you simply have to make your way up Reunion Tower.  The tower is equipped with high definition zoom cameras and touch screen monitors that allow visitors to enjoy a truly interactive experience as well as the most amazing view of all.

For history enthusiasts and those who are interested in the life and death of former U.S. President John F Kennedy, you can visit the two upper floors of the Texas School Book Depository.  This is the point from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired on Kennedy and they have been subsequently been converted into a historical museum that focusses on the former president’s life and accomplishments.

Dining out and local shows

Medieval times is a famous establishment that has made a name for itself across the United States and in Canada.  In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s all about travelling back in time to watch a group of brave knights do battle as you enjoy your truly medieval meal and drinks.  Between the food and watching these athletic men perform acts like jousting and sword fighting while on horseback makes for a night to remember.  It’s an experience suitable for the entire family and will probably have the kids begging to return!

Another great place to visit if you want a good meal and a fun night out is the Deep Ellum area.  Rezoning in 2004 meant that this area experienced somewhat of a decline in popularity but, today, it’s making a much anticipated come back.  There are also a number of establishments here that host local entertainers so, if you want to get in touch with Dallas’ culture and nightlife, this is the spot to do just that!

For those who prefer a more refined type of music, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Centre and the Winspear Opera House await!  There is no shortage of high class events in this city so be prepared to dress up and be treated like one of the rich and famous!