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When one thinks of Mexico, tequila and sombreros are usually the first things that come to mind.  One might imagine a dusty village with some old buildings missing windows and with a really dilapidated appearance.  However, while this is true for some small towns in the country, Mexico City has certainly risen up to meet the demands of commerce and tourism.  As the capital city, it is one of the largest economies in Latin America and; with literally hundreds of hotels, rental apartments and other types of accommodation in Mexico City; the city is fully prepared to make visitors feel quite at home.

Most popular attractions in Mexico City

Just as you would expect from any major city in the world, visitors have their choice of accommodation from budget Mexico City hotels to luxury 5 star resorts.  The same goes for the city’s attractions.  Visitors can enjoy a trip to Six Flags Mexico or another popular theme park like La Feria de Chapultepec.  Of course, the best thing to do when touring any foreign country or city is to visit the sights unique to that place.

A trip to the Pyramid of the Sun is an absolute must!  Make sure that you arrive early if you want to avoid the crowds and take your time making your way up the pyramid.  There are actually two pyramids in this old city and plenty more attractions to see.  As you make your way around, you are bound to be approached by street vendors.  If you are interested in purchasing anything, then make sure that you bargain with them!  If you are not keen on buying, simply walk on and avoid eye contact.  There’s a fair amount of walking to be done here so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take some refreshments along too.

Make sure that you take a trip along Paseo de la Reforma at least once during your visit.  This main road takes you through the historic district as well as the more upmarket areas which makes it a fascinating trip through time.

Zocalo is one of the largest plazas in the world and you can easily spend over an hour wondering around and taking plenty of photos.  The architecture is superb and you will encounter everything from government palaces to Aztec ruins and a historic cathedral.

Entertainment and shopping in Mexico City

When in Mexico City, there is absolutely no rush to return to your hotel accommodation in Mexico City in the evening.  There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained through the night.  Check the local listings for performances at the local theatres.  Some of the best shows are held at the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico and the Teatro Coyoacan.  The Polyforum Siqueiros is the local convention centre so you could find daytime and evening events hosted here during your visit.

Depending on where you have booked your accommodation in Mexico City, you will find that there should be at least one market nearby.  Some of the most popular places for shopping include the Mercado de San Juan, the Mercado de Artesanias de la Ciudadela and the La Ciudadela flea market.  The best option is to ask your Mexico City hotel receptionist for their opinion and where they personally do their shopping.  They will also be able to advise you regarding some local safety tips and local customs when it comes to shopping and bargaining.

The locals are a lively bunch and if you frequent the clubs and bars in the evenings you are sure to have a great time.  Just make sure that you do not wear any flashy jewellery and don’t take too much cash with you.  Leave your cards and other valuables locked up in your Mexico City hotel safe and make sure to call a taxi to take you back to your hotel rather than walking.