Grutas de Calcehtok

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Merida is located just 35km from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and is a large cultural centre in the region and Mexico in general.  It is important to note that, due to its location and history, the dialect of Spanish spoken here is quite different to the rest of Mexico.  The cuisine is also quite unique and combines Mayan, Caribbean, Mexican and other cultures.  Travel to the city is usually made by plane to the city’s airport.  Within the city, visitors choose taxis, rental cars and the bus to get around.  Hotels, guest houses and other types of Merida accommodation can be found throughout the city.  The accommodation in Merida is notably affordable and even 3 star hotels charge fairly cheap rates.

Top Merida attractions

The first thing you want to do after arriving in Merida is to locate your hotel and get settled in your room.  Once you’ve had the chance to freshen up and possibly slip on a change of clothes, you will be ready to explore your exciting surroundings.

The Mayapan Mayan Ruins are located about 45 minutes (by car) from Merida.  Be prepared to spend at least most of your day here and leave your hotel early to avoid having to rush back. 

The Grutas de Calcehtok are fascinating in terms of natural beauty and history.  There are various routes to follow if you wish to explore the caves.  Some are more challenging than others and it’s a good idea to have a professional guide with you to teach you about your surroundings as you are taken on a spectacular journey.  Do make sure that you wear clothes that you don’t mind tossing afterwards.  They might end up getting ripped or damaged and you will most likely get dirty too.  That said, seeing the stunning crystals, bats and experiencing the Mayan history, it’s more than worth it!

Visitors also highly recommend taking a walk around Plaza Grande where you can enjoy some of the oldest and most beautiful landmark buildings in the city.

Evening entertainment and other fun

Keeping busy during the day is easy when you’re in Merida.  Of course, you don’t want to end up back at your Merida hotel room every night immediately after dinner!  You will want to spend at least a few nights out on the town and Paseo de Montejo is where the action is!  This area is particularly busy on Friday and Saturday nights from about 10pm.  Do make sure that you take a taxi there and back as it can be a fair distance from your Merida accommodation.  The last thing you want to do is wear out those dancing feet before the night even begins.

If you prefer to be entertained while relaxing your feet and letting others put on the show, then reserve tickets at the Teatro Peon Contreras.  It’s quite a popular over the weekends so be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

In terms of local shopping, you will not be disappointed!  The Noche Mexicana is an all-in-one experience.  With live music, Mexican food and arts and crafts for sale, this is a great way to spend an evening.

Lucas de Galvez market is the perfect place for buying fresh produce and even kitchen utensils.  It’s important to note that it’s a popular shopping venue for the locals and it can get rather crowded.