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Hotels in Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun is quite possibly the most well-known coastal tourist destination in Mexico.  The tropical climate, the airport nearby and the large number of hotels, resorts, lodges and other types of accommodation in Cancun all make it perfect for tourism.  Guests can enjoy a whole host of activities and attractions.  Not to mention the amazing holiday atmosphere and perfect beach.

Top Cancun attractions

As you look out the widow of your Cancun resort hotel room, you are bound to hear the city and beach calling your name.  There’s nothing quite like an early morning walk on the beach to start your day. 

For a truly therapeutic, relaxing and probably surreal experience, you simply have to visit Dolphinaris Cancun.  Not only can you meet the ocean’s friendliest residents but you can even swim with them!

There are plenty of beaches to visit while you are on holiday in Cancun.  The best thing to do is to ask the locals about the beaches they recommend and locate those closest to your Cancun resort accommodation.  Tres Rios Ecopark is one beach that comes highly recommended.  Not only can you enjoy the sun and sand but there are also horseback riding facilities that allow you to explore the beach while letting your sure-footed horse do at least most of the work.

You will also notice a number of areas where snorkelling and diving are the main activities.  The Museo Subacuatico de Arte Cancun is a highlight for many.  This underwater museum can be explored from above if you prefer to snorkel.  If you are up for a dive to a depth of approximately 35 feet then you will not be disappointed!  There are tours that take you through this underwater museum so make sure that you sign up.

Cancun has something for everyone.  From an exotic car experience and boating to water parks and mini golf.  There’s no shortage of entertainment for all age groups.

So much to do in Cancun

Given the local history, traditions and general religious beliefs, you will find a number of Catholic churches throughout Mexico and Cancun is no exception.  Along with these religious sites, you will also have the opportunity to visit such places as the Temple of the Warriors.  The ruins certainly resemble Mayan architecture and there is a clear Mayan influence but, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that these structures are younger than those of the ancient Mayans.

Another popular site is the El Rey Ruins.  They are conveniently located close to many hotels in Cancun and they are easy to access if you want to make a quick trip to view them.

For an aerial view of Cancun, make sure that you take a trip up the Torre Escenica to the observation deck.  Take your time to enjoy the views of this beautiful coastal city.

In terms of evening entertainment, you will not be disappointed and the locals certainly have tourists in mind!  Such shows as the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger and the Captain Hook Barco Pirata Pirate Ship all receive wonderful reviews for the high quality dinner theatre suitable for the whole family.  As for shopping, just like any tourist town, you are going to find a lot of places to buy souvenirs. Having said that, do yourself a favour and shop around before you buy.  Check out the prices at the local malls as well as places like the Flea Market Coral Negro.  Another important shopping tip to remember is to always carry the local currency and familiarize yourself with it.  Don’t use your credit card try to pay for goods with a foreign currency since you might end up paying more in the end.