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Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three federal territories.  Yukon’s capital and largest city is Whitehorse, where you will find plenty to see and do.  Along with the many sights and attractions, Yukon also offers its visitors a wide variety of accommodation to choose from.  Whether you are looking to stay in a luxury hotel in Yukon, a cheap hostel or anything in between, you can find exactly what you are looking for simply by searching and making your Yukon accommodation booking online.

Sightseeing in Dawson and Whitehorse

Dawson and Whitehorse are two of the most popular Yukon destinations and they always prove entertaining for the whole family.  The main appeal of these parts is the natural aspect of your surroundings.  The Tombstone Territorial Park in Dawson is an absolute must and can be navigated at your own pace.  As you explore the park, you can look back and enjoy the view of Dawson city, the surrounding rivers, lakes, mountains and gorgeous wildlife.

The Klondike National Historic Site in Dawson commemorates the 1896 Klondike gold rush and details its influence on this part of Canada.  If you are particularly intrigued by the local history, then make sure that you visit the Dawson City Museum and other historic sites like the Palace Grand Theatre for a trip back in time.

When staying in Whitehorse, one of the most popular attractions is most certainly the breathtakingly beautiful Miles Canyon.  Most visitors choose to explore on foot but you may also rent a bicycle if you prefer.  Take in the views and you might even be lucky enough to see rafters take up the challenge of navigating the challenging river waters.  It is also important to note that Whitehorse was named after the once raging rapids of the Yukon River that proved to be one of the greatest challenges during the gold mining era. 

The S.S. Klondike is an excellent floating museum to visit while staying in Whitehorse.  Enjoy a self-guided tour on this restored river boat and the views from the boat itself are also worth taking in.

If the weather is somewhat unfriendly or even if you just want to learn more about your surroundings, make sure that you spend some time at the Yukon Visitor Information Centre in Whitehorse.  For a relaxing day out, the tranquillity of Emerald Lake awaits!

Other Yukon attractions

One of the best ways to really appreciate everything Yukon has to offer is by picking up a rental car and hitting the road.  If you find yourself in the vicinity of Watson Lake, be sure to stop for at least a few minutes to stroll around the picture-perfect Sign Post Forest.  Watson Lake is also home to the fantastic Northern Lights Centre which is another must see if you are in the area.  There is a charge for admission but visitors agree that it is certainly worth it with all the fascinating films and displays.

For a scenic drive that you will never forget, head for the Dempster Highway.  Take it slow and enjoy the changing scenery around you.  From forests to mountains and everything in between, you will always have something to see along the way.

If you are travelling along the South Klondike Highway, you will reach the Yukon Suspension Bridge at about mile 46.  It is a 67ft long pedestrian bridge that spans over the Tutshi River Canyon and is an absolute must see even if you aren’t courageous enough to make your way across.