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The Thousand Islands in Canada consists of 1,864 islands located in the Saint Lawrence River that boarders the United States. The Canadian islands form part of the province of Ontario while the United States islands fall under the State of New York. This World Heritage site offers several forms of accommodation in Thousand Islands and visitors can browse through various hotels, hostels and Thousand Island resorts online.

Top Thousand Islands attractions

There’s no doubt that the Thousand Island, Ontario have a wide variety of things to do and see. The wonderful outdoors are waiting for you here and one of the top spots in Lansdowne is the Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Take a hike through the lush, green forests, enjoy some kayaking and splash around at the local beach as you enjoy the therapeutic effect of your tranquil surroundings.

The Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area is a protected natural beach that attracts plenty of tourists each year. Now, the important thing to remember when visiting this beach is that it will not compare to the kind of pool facilities you will find back at your Thousand Islands hotel. The area has not been developed and, instead, has been preserved in its natural state. Even if you choose not to swim, this area is beautiful and the hike through the forest to the beach is also a fine way to spend part of your day.

In the middle of the St Lawrence River, you will find Hill Island and its fabulous 1000 Island Skydeck. From up top, you can get an amazing aerial look at the region.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a fun activity for everyone, make your way to the Wolfe Island Corn Maze. There are two mazes to choose from (one long and one short) or you can decide to do both if you wish. You can also take the family for a walk around the Gananoque Municipal Marina and have a look at all the boats, water view, stop for something to eat and perhaps even do a little shopping.

Other things to do in Thousand Islands

The rich local history can be enjoyed by visiting the local Historic Village. Here, in this park like setting, you can enjoy relaxing strolls, a riverside picnic and even do some shopping at the local boutique shops.

There are also several castles and estates located on various islands. Of which, some of the most popular include Singer Castle and Boldt Castle. There are some companies in the area that offer the services of helicopter rides and scenic flights over the area for an unparalleled aerial view of these magnificent structures and more.

Events like the Lansdowne Fair attract many visitors each year and encourage tourists to book their holidays around this time of year. This fair is one of the best ways to really interact with the locals and experience some tradition. When planning your trip around these busy times, it is important that you book your Thousand Island accommodation well enough in advance. Not only will you get the hotel room you want but you will also have the freedom to search for the best value for money.

Kayaking, boating, discover boat tours, scenic flights and cycling are some of the best ways to see the area. There’s plenty of local sightseeing opportunities and, if you want to make the most of each day, you should create an itinerary that includes all of your favourite things to do.