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The prairie province of Saskatchewan receives the most amount of daylight compared to any other Canadian province.  The fact that the province is so far from any significant bodies of water and its northerly latitude means that the area has a wonderfully warm, but not too hot, climate.  Another notable feature of these parts is the fact that the land is extremely flat in every direction.  The flat landscape means that you can see for miles around you and, due to the earth’s curve, the sky also seems like it’s really close.  When there are white, fluffy clouds in the air, it almost feels as though you can reach out and grab them.  In terms of local tourism, there are literally hundreds of attractions and things to do in Saskatchewan.  Every kind of accommodation in Saskatchewan, from luxury hotels to cheap hostels a scattered throughout the province which makes it easy for visitors to plan their trip and where to stay in Saskatchewan based on their budget.

Top attractions in Saskatchewan

There is no better way to explore Saskatchewan than by hiring a rental car and hitting the road on your own adventure.  When planning your trip, you can create your very own route and book a Saskatchewan hotel room at each of your destinations along the way.  No matter where you start or which direction you drive, you will have plenty to see and the traffic is quite free flowing too.

In Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, you will find several fantastic things to see and do.  For historic sites and a chance to learn more about the local history and culture, make sure that you stop in at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the Government House.  The Wascana Centre Park is a superb location in Regina for those who want to spend some extra time outdoors, walk around the lake and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.  Canada in general is well-known for the strict, zero tolerance attitude of their police force.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre is a fantastic place to learn all about the first Mounties, see the old uniforms and other related equipment on display.

Moose Jaw is just outside of Regina and its Western Development Museum and famous tunnels allow visitors to really understand the history of these parts.

Saskatoon is located towards the centre of the province and is the largest city in Saskatchewan.  Golf is a popular sport in this area so, if you fancy a round during your trip, this is where you should go to do just that.  Family fun is also plentiful in the form of laser tag, paintball, ice skating, karting and plenty of games for all ages. 

Nightlife, shopping and entertainment in Saskatchewan

The locals are known for being a friendly bunch so, no matter where you end up sitting down for a meal or refreshment, you will feel most welcome.  If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife and perhaps some dancing, then you are best off in one of the larger cities.  Smaller towns, on the other hand, are great when it comes to a quiet dinner and a real break away from the busy city life.  Another great form of evening entertainment is a trip to one of the local theatres.  The Regina Globe Theatre and the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon are both extremely popular choices.  Just like booking your hotel accommodation in Saskatchewan, you will probably need to book your theatre tickets somewhat in advance to avoid disappointment.

There are plenty of places to shop in Saskatchewan.  Depending on where you are, you could benefit from the fresh produce at your local farmers market, pick up some fantastic local arts and crafts or head for a nearby mall for a wide selection of products and brands.  The great part about visiting many of the local malls is that they usually have a great food court with all kinds of delicious meals to choose from.  This is really handy if you are travelling with children or in a group.  You might wish to order from a particular fast food or restaurant while your fellow travellers are looking for something different to satisfy their appetite.