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Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick and is split by the south flowing river of St John that feeds the Bay of Fundy. The area enjoys a rather humid climate and, because the Bay of Fundy never fully freezes over, the winters are also fairly moderate. The city is a popular destination for tourists and hundreds of cruise ships head for this port each year. Whether you are visiting for a day or booking your hotel accommodation in Saint John for several days, you will not be disappointed with this fine getaway destination.

Top things to do in Saint John

The great outdoors are waiting for you in Saint John, New Brunswick! Irving Nature Park has it all from hiking trails and picnic spots to sections of beach and local wildlife. Get up nice and early, leave your hotel room behind and make a day of it with the whole family.

Rockwood Park is another great place to spend the day outdoors. Highlights include the playground area and walking trails. The beach, canteen and restrooms are nearby which adds to the convenience.

The Reverse Falls are also a popular local attraction. For those who particularly enjoy thrilling fun, then you should definitely sign up for a jetboating adventure!

If you are looking for something a bit more relaxing and prefer your boats to travel in a smooth, straight line rather than bopping and bouncing on the rapids, then how about a ferry ride across to Digby, Nova Scotia? The ferry is great for taking in the views of your natural surroundings and there are various onboard facilities like a café and games to keep everyone happy both on deck and indoors.

Don’t forget to stop by the Carleton Martello Tower and some of the other great local museums for some fascinating information on the local history. Museums make for great indoor activities on rainy days so you won’t be stuck in your hotel or motel room.

Local culture and lifestyle

There is no better way to experience the local culture than by leaving your cosy hotel accommodation in Saint John and heading for such places as the Old City Market. Browse through various products sold by local merchants and pick up some fresh fruit, veggies and other produce for a delicious and healthy picnic lunch. If you choose some form of self-catering accommodation in Saint John, then this is a great place to go to stock up on food while you are here. Carrying a lightweight, compact cooler around with fresh fruits will also help you save money on snacks as you get better acquainted with your surroundings.

Like some other American cities, the Irish heritage is strong here and if you visit the local pubs, you are sure to pick up on this.

Due to its maritime location, you will also notice that many of the restaurants and cafés include several fish and seafood meals on their menus.