Old Montreal

Where to Stay – Hotels in Montreal, Canada

Montreal in Quebec, despite deriving its name from Italian for the mountain named “Monte Real”, is the largest francophile city outside of Paris, making it an ideal destination for language immersion and everything French north of the United States border.

As befitting the second largest Canadian city after Toronto, hotels in Montreal, Canada cater to all types of travellers, from business executives looking for the best hotels in Montreal, to families who may want to enjoy the comforts of home in cosy bed and breakfast in Montreal.  Backpackers who would rather stay in cheap hotels in Montreal, Canada and save their spending money for something else would find plenty in Latin Quarter, while students coming in for language immersion usually have pre-arranged apartments for rent in Montreal packaged with their course.

Finding the best hotels in Montreal

It is not only language that survived intact when it crossed continents. Montreal infects its visitors with its joie de vivre, perhaps because it was once the seat for everything hedonistic prohibited in the United States, when the USA voted to remain ‘dry’.

Today, Montreal retains its reputation as one of the liveliest cities in North America, and one of the most welcoming to travellers, especially those coming from the ‘rainbow’ community. The capital of Quebec makes it easy for members of the gay community wondering where to stay in Montreal by offering them a one-stop shop for LGBT tourists. The appropriately named Gay Village and the nearby Latin Quarter has plenty of cheap accommodation in Montreal that would also sit well with backpackers of whatever sexual orientation. If you are looking for comfortable rooms complete with amenities, hotels in downtown Montreal offer a range of budget rooms to splurge.

Montreal The UNESCO City of Design

Montreal delights architecture aficionados. It was recently named a UNESCO City of Design in honour of its more than 50 national historic sites, the largest concentration in Canada. Even apartments in Montreal which survived the century are UNESCO designated; the four-storey, red brick Marlborough Apartments completed in 1900 is a fine example of Queen Anne style. A walk through Old Montreal is highly recommended; this neighbourhood with a handful of mid-range hostels in Montreal exudes a 17th century feel with buildings dating from this century, cobbled streets and ‘caleches’, horse-drawn carriages that remain popular among tourists.

Because of its reputation as a French-as-a-first-language city across the United States border, Montreal draws eager students who come here for language immersion. You may want to combine touring with studying so you can have student-priced apartments for rent in Montreal and splurge the money you save on French cuisine in Old Montreal, shopping and bagels on Mile End, and French fries-and-gravy-topped-with-cheddar-cheese dish ‘poutine’ on Plateau. You can book online for the best Montreal hotel deals or downtown Montreal hotels.