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Located in Quebec’s Laurentian mountains, Mont Tremblant is a popular resort city that attracts visitors throughout the year.  Tourists flock to these parts in search of an outdoor getaway.  Activities like skiing, hiking, cycling and canoeing keep guests out of their Mont Tremblant hotel rooms from the early part of the morning to the evening.  For those in search of particularly cheap accommodation in Mont Tremblant, the best thing to do is research cheap hotels in Mont Tremblant online.  Take note of the hotel’s location compared to the main attractions when planning your trip.  By booking your hotel close to your favourite activities, you will cut down transport time and can probably explore the area on foot rather than having to pick up a rental car.

Winter in Mont Tremblant

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or any other fun in the snow, then you should definitely consider staying at the Mont Tremblant Resort.  Activities here include skiing, cross-country skiing, swimming and hiking.  With various paths to discover and the wonderful mountain views, you will most likely only use your hotel room to sleep and wash up.

There are also various restaurants and a vibrant nightlife to keep everyone entertained.  Fun and attractions are perfect for all ages.  So, even if your young children are joining you for the trip, they will enjoy themselves just as much.

If you prefer planning your annual holiday for the warmer, summer months, this spot is just as much fun as it is during the winter.  The only activity that you cannot take part in during the summer is skiing or snowboarding, of course.  Other fun like zip lining, luge, treetop trekking and visits to the lakes in the area are still very much on the cards.

Other attractions in Mont Tremblant

After a long hike, a day of skiing or other outdoor activities, your tired muscles will definitely appreciate some pampering.  Book yourself in for a relaxing massage at one of the local spas to get yourself back in shape for another day of outdoor fun!

In between your exploration hikes and trips through the area, you could take a “day off” from all the effort and sign up for a helicopter ride instead.  Get a different kind of view of your surroundings without having to put in the slightest bit of effort!  Some tours allow for landing on the mountains and you can spend a few minutes taking in the spectacular view and wonderful fresh air.

From the middle of June to the middle of September each year, you will be able to frequent the local summer market.  It takes place on Saturdays and is the ideal place to shop for food and various local treats.

Throughout the year there are special facilities that offer entertainment for young children.  If you visit during the winter months and need your child to be cared for by a trained professional, there are day care facilities in the area.  Let your child interact and play with other kids their age while you hit the slopes!  In the summer, there are family friendly activities, games and dancing so parents can get involved as well.