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Initial settlement in Moncton took place in 1733 but many consider its actual founding to be around 1766.  Either way, compared to many other cities in the world, Moncton has a fairly short history that spans over just a few centuries.  In terms of tourism in the area, Moncton is known as “Hub City” due to its central location and the abundance of rail and road traffic even decades ago.  In the 1930s, it became apparent that a particular hill in the area possessed strange properties and Magnetic Hill soon became the area’s number one attraction.  Today, there are several attractions and hotels in Moncton named after Magnetic Hill and the sight still attracts visitors from all over the country and the world.  With pleasant natural surrounds, fine and fascinating attractions and affordable hotel accommodation, Moncton has become a top choice for those looking for a getaway.

Attractions and sightseeing in Moncton

As mentioned above, the number one attraction in this city is Magnetic Hill.  When it was first discovered and promoted as a tourist attraction back in the 30s, it was rated the third best attraction in the entire country and was surpassed only by Niagara Falls and Banff.  The road is open day and night but you should take note of any advice from the local guides and take care in unfriendly weather conditions.  Take a drive to the designated white post, release the car brake and be amazed as you are literally pulled uphill!  If you are visiting and you don’t have your own car, this is where a Moncton car rental will come in handy.  In fact, if you book your hotel online along with a rental car, you can save a fair amount of money and time.

While in the area, stop in at the Magnetic Hill Zoo and have a look at the various animals kept here.  This is particularly great for the kids and there are several exotic species here which you may not ordinarily be able to see.

Centennial Park is another great place to take the kids.  Facilities here include playgrounds for kids, tennis courts, a swimming pool and splash park.  There’s no better place to go if you are trying to escape the heat and let the kids enjoy age appropriate fun.  Of course, if you strictly want water fun, you can enjoy a day at Magic Mountain and make the most of the many different water features.

The Tidal Bore in Moncton also attracts a fair amount of visitors each day.  Sometimes it can get pretty crowded and, once you see how the water moves and ripples, you will understand why it’s such a fine natural attraction.  Surfers have been known to surf the tide and you might be lucky enough to witness this yourself too.

Shopping, activities and local nightlife

The top spot in terms of local shopping is the Marche Moncton Market.  The atmosphere is lively and energetic with plenty of local, organic and international cuisine as well as fine arts and crafts.  Visit this market and get a taste of the local culture as well as their appreciation for international traditions and foods.

Bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants are plentiful in Moncton. If you are unsure about where to get your next meal, you can ask the locals or do some research online.  Just like hotel booking sites provide you with customer reviews, you can also find reviews for many food and beverage establishments all around the world. 

As far as additional entertainment goes, the Moncton Coliseum, Capitol Theatre and Theatre L’Escaouette host various performances throughout the year.  Check the local listings before booking your hotel accommodation in Moncton and double check upon arrival to ensure that there have not been any scheduling changes.