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Mississauga was first developed as a suburb of Toronto but due to various factors and phenomenal growth over the years, the city made a move for independence and is still thriving in several sectors.  Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, Mississauga is the sixth most populous municipality in Canada and a popular stop for tourists.  Not only does the city have plenty to offer in terms of sights and activities but finding affordable hotel accommodation in Mississauga is no chore at all.  There are several apartments, motels and city hotels in Mississauga, Ontario to choose from.

Main sights and attractions in Mississauga

Before booking your hotels in Mississauga, it would be a good idea to establish the kinds of sights you wish to see.  By mapping them all out, you can select Mississuaga hotel accommodation located in close proximity to at least most of your favourite attractions.

One of the most popular activities for locals and tourist is spending the better part of the day at Port Credit.  There is a wharf and several shops that you can visit as you enjoy a gentle stroll and take in your surroundings from your hotels in Mississauga.  This is particularly great to do when you arrive so that you can stretch your legs and get better acquainted with the city.

Celebration Square is not an attraction in itself but rather a venue for various events throughout the year.  In the warmer months, the kids generally like to skateboard around here and, in the winter, you are welcome to join in some ice skating fun.  Check the local listings to find out about any upcoming shows and events in order to make time in your itinerary to attend.

The Jack Darling Memorial Park is another top spot for locals and tourists.  There’s nothing like being surrounded by the lush green trees while letting the little ones run and play.  On a clear day, you can even see the famous CN Tower from here.

If you are looking for something to keep the kids happy on a not so beautiful day when staying in Mississauga, you can visit the Playdium.  There are plenty of interactive games like Laser Quest, mini-golf and even go-karting to name just a few.

Shopping and evening entertainment

Canada is known to offer some great deals for shoppers.  Provided you know just where to look, when staying in Mississauga.  The Dixie Outlet Mall is a great place to explore and you are likely to find some super bargains here too.  The Square One Shopping Centre is home to a number of excellent stores and plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a snack or meal.  A good tip to remember is that you should save your trip to the mall for a rainy or chilly day.  Enjoy outdoor activities on more pleasant days and take advantage of indoor entertainment when the weather isn’t all that friendly.

The local flea market is also a must.  Remember, you are under no obligation to buy anything and even just strolling around while browsing can be relaxing and fun.  You might even come across some cute souvenirs and keepsakes.

There are a number of entertainment venues and theatres in the city as well as comedy clubs, bars, restaurants and more.  Canadians love to party so be prepared for a lively atmosphere.  They are also wonderfully friendly towards tourists and will be more than happy to offer advice if you are looking for the hottest spot in terms of the local nightlife.