Columbia Ice Field

Hotels in Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Jasper is the commercial centre of the Jasper National Park.  Located in the Athabasca River Valley of the Canadian Rockies, this relatively new and specialised municipality consists of the town of Jasper and surrounding rural areas.  As with any more remote location in the world, you can expect accommodation in Jasper to fetch a fair price.  The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is one of the more expensive places to stay but, with a four star rating, that is to be expected.  Fortunately, there are some cheap hotels in Jasper, Canada and other forms of Jasper National Park hotels including hostels, guesthouses and even campsites.  With so much to see and do, you probably won’t see much of your hotel room anyway.

Fun things to do in Jasper, Canada

If hiking, walking and climbing have worn you down enough, you can always enjoy a scenic drive and get a great view of the Columbia Ice Field.  Alternatively, a trip up the mountain in the Jasper Tramway will mean that you can view the Rockies from a whole new level and see just how spectacular they truly are.

Winter activities here are much like any other mountain range.  There is a fair amount of snow during the winter months that allows for perfect skiing and snowboarding fun for all ages and experience levels.

There are also a number of different horse stables in the area that are geared up and ready to take you on an unforgettable tour.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!  These rides are purely for scenic rides so you don’t need to be an expert rider.  In fact, you won’t do anything beyond a walk so first timers are very much welcome!

Scenic walks and sights in Jasper National Park

This area is made to be explored and enjoyed in every sense.  There are so many different beautiful sights and sounds to indulge your senses along with the crisp, fresh, mountain air.  There are a number of hiking trails and each of which varies as far as degrees of difficulty is concerned.  If you are new to hiking or your fitness level isn’t all that great, check with the local visitor centre for advice on where to find the more relaxing routes.

Maligne Canyon, Opal Hills and Bald Hills are three of the most popular hiking areas.  Remember that there are usually multiple trails in a single area.  Each of which varies as far as strength, stamina and skill is concerned.  Make sure you take on one that is suitable for you and the rest of your travel group or family.

Another popular site to visit is the Athabasca Falls.  There is nothing more beautiful, tranquil and humbling than watching such a powerful force as water glide down a jagged rock face.

Deciding where to stay in Jasper can largely affect the quality of your holiday experience.  It’s not only the rooms and services that you will be analysing but the rates as well.  If you can save money with some of the fantastic Jasper hotel deals online, then you will have that much extra to spend on memorable experiences and activities.  Many of the best hotels in Jasper, Alberta make it that much easier to reserve your room and get your hands on the best rates.  Special offers are made available strictly for those who make their booking online.  In addition to this, surfing the web and shopping around is just that much easier than having to physically run around or make phone calls.