forests of skyscrapers and hotels in Calgary

Hotels in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Geographically, Calgary is the Canadian equivalent of Denver – it is located where the Canadian Rockies meet the Canadian Prairies. Economically, it is the colder counterpart of Dubai. With the first oil strike in 1902 and a bigger one in 1947, Calgary – already an important trading post and ranching hub with the introduction of railway in 19th century – has blossomed further. Today, the city preens with skyscrapers that attest to the river of petro-dollars flowing in. As the fourth largest in Canada, Alberta’s most populous city teems with the best hotels in Calgary, Alberta and modern tourist infrastructures that make for a hassle-free touring experience.

What to See in Canada’s Most Liveable City

Despite its reputation as dripping with oil money (and nothing else), Calgary has just been ranked as the fifth most liveable in the latest surveys alongside South Australian city, Adelaide, and the most liveable Canadian city by one agency.

If forests of skyscrapers and hotels in Calgary, Alberta could speak for the rankings, then it is indeed the best place to live in Canada. In fact, if you are looking for apartments to rent in Calgary for a medium-term visit or relocating for a job, living in Calgary is not altogether a bad idea. There’s the comfort and convenience that comes with being Canada’s leader in economic expansion – posh restaurants, electric nightlife, hip surroundings, and surprisingly, clean streets! If you time your visit in September through April, you may even spot the Northern Lights putting on a spectacular show just above your head.

The hulking and shimmering steel and glass structures of hotels in downtown Calgary and towers of petrochemical and energy sectors – some of which, like The Bow, have been unique enough to become the icon of the city – not only defines its skyline, it is also an urban attraction in itself. Explore the city’s “+15” – the most extensive skyway network in the world –and make your way to the top of Calgary Tower, a fitting introduction to your visit to the Canadian Rockies which are visible from this lookout. If you want to take in sweeping city views instead, leave the confines of your cosy bed and breakfast in Calgary and drive up to Nose Hill, Crescent Road and Scotsman Hill on a clear day.

Places to Go From Your Hotel in Calgary, Alberta

Performing Arts and Backcountry

Quite fittingly as a liveable city, Calgary’s fortunes in oil spilled over to its culture. From weekly improvs to lunch time one-act plays to musicals to whodunnitˈs and operas, Calgary has it all for the aspiring thespian. Spot buskers along Stephen Avenue in downtown during lunch time and Eau Claire during weekends.

Finding affordable accommodation in Calgary does not come easy when the usual visitors are briefcase-toting energy executives. If you come here for fresh powder in the slopes of Banff National Park 90 minutes to the west, you need not worry about where to stay in Calgary while staying within your budget, as you can book online for the best Calgary hotel deals. They may be few and far between, but cheap hotels in Calgary, Canada can be found shoehorned in the glitz of downtown. There are even sensible hostels in Calgary with cheap room rates. Spare the dollars and engage in backcountry activities in the Rockies where ice fields, glaciers, dense conifer forests and hot springs make it all worth your trip.