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In terms of number of passengers, Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom was the third busiest in the country in 2013.  It is also the largest airport outside of London and, due to its location, it offers flights to and from over 200 destinations.  The airport can be reached by rail, bus and personal vehicles.  By booking your hotel accommodation at Manchester Airport, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have far to travel from the airport to your hotel room.  This makes it that much easier for travellers who are required or even prefer to catch early morning or late evening flights; or need to pick up or drop off a rental car at Manchester Airport.

Travelling into Manchester

Manchester is home to several wonderful attractions.  There seems to be a museum of every sort including those specialising in art, local history and even science and industry.  The Manchester Town Hall is arguably one of the most recognisable of all the city’s structures and it is a magnificent sight to behold.  It was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and construction was completed in 1887 and it is the most prominent structure in Albert Square.

An extremely influential part of the local culture and sporting tradition is the love of football.  This game has influenced the local way of life for over 150 years and all of this history can be enjoyed by visiting the National Football Museum in the Manchester city centre.

For a pleasant and relaxing walk, make your way to Castlefield Urban Heritage Park where you can enjoy a quiet escape from the sound of traffic.  The fully restored canal system and the many restaurants in this area make it a great getaway.  Enjoy a refreshing drink or meal as you do some people watching and let the flowing waters wash away your thoughts of everyday life.

Places to shop in Manchester

Manchester has several fabulous shopping locations and, just like many other malls around the world, they often feature different forms of entertainment as well. 

The Trafford Centre is a popular stop for locals and visitors.  Here you will find a large collection of shops, restaurants, cinemas and even a play area for children.  One of the biggest attraction for kids in this centre is Legoland.  There are plenty of interactive displays that offer the young (and young at heart) a fun learning experience.

The Arndale Centre is home to about 200 shops, fast food outlets and other restaurants.  It is located at the very heart of the city and is a great place to explore and enjoy a bite to eat.

For a fabulous and authentic shopping experience, make sure that you check the local listings for any special Manchester Markets.  Market Street is usually at the top of everyone’s list but there are many other regular markets during the year.

Whether it’s entertainment, a culturally educational experience or a fabulous day of shopping that you’re after, Manchester has it all!  Of course, if the busy city gets too much for you, you can always retreat to places like the local botanical gardens or visit Heaton Park which offers everything from a small farm to golfing facilities.