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Shrewsbury is one of the quaintest market towns in England, lying less than 10 miles east of the Welsh border. The medieval trade centre for Shopshire’s wool industry, Shrewsbury keeps up with 21st century by actively engaging in the service sector, mainly in administration, retail and distribution. When planning where to stay in Shrewsbury, consider staying in a quaint bed and breakfast in Shrewsbury, England near the town center so you can walk through narrow passages and out unto the fashionable shopping centres that filled the void the wool industry left.

Relaxing things to do in Shrewsbury

A lazy walkabout in the town center would bring you to passages with interesting names like Butcher Row, the Shoplatch and the little-left-to-the-imagination Gullet Passage. These alleyways lead to zinging pubs, specialist shops and restaurants that cater to the locals so you are bound to dig into a more authentic flavor of the place here.

Shrewsbury owed much of its brisk wool trade – and native beauty – to its location on the riverbanks of Severn which goes around it and makes it almost an island, a fitting fodder to A.E. Housman’s meandering imagination who wrote “High the vanes of Shrewsbury gleam, islanded in Severn stream.’ The concentration of accommodation in Shrewsbury England is inside Severn’s loop, crossed by the English and Welsh Bridges. So perhaps you can spend an early morning walk riverside, and then board a romantic river cruise if angling or rowing a canoe does not float your boat.

Follow the Darwin Trail

Shrewsbury has interesting geology, so maybe teasing out the naturalist in you may appeal more. The Bellstone, a large granite boulder deposited here during the last Ice Age, served as the introduction to science to the young Charles Darwin who was born and grew up here. Follow the Discover Darwin trail to see places that were important to him and opened his curiosity.

Walking Darwin’s trail also brings you to the most historic places of Shrewsbury – some dating to as far back as 10th century – and film locations of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ But fans of The Grinch are not the only visitors swarming hotels in Shrewsbury England on weekends. Quite fittingly, the medieval townscape and the largely unspoilt natural beauty of Shrewsbury make excellent fodder for local artists whose works you can view in the local museums and galleries.

At the end of the day, make a toast to Shrewsbury’s noble sons with a glass of Regner or Madeleine Angevine at the Wroxeter vineyards located six miles southeast, on a parcel of land once part of a Roman settlement.