Tower of London

Where to Stay – Hotels in London, England

If you are wondering where to stay in London, you can’t really go wrong no matter what you choose.  Whether you select a central hotel or accommodation a little bit on the outskirts, public transport will take you wherever you need to go.  The hotels in London UK vary in price as they do luxury.  It should go without saying that the cheap hotels in London might not offer as many decadent details as a luxury suite or serviced apartments in London but you will get value for money regardless.  London hotel deals are ready and waiting to be snapped up.  So, when booking your hotel in London, do so online and save yourself a bundle of time and money.  There’s so much to do in this city that saving money on your accommodation will mean more money for fun!

Famous London UK attractions

One simply can’t think about London, England without immediately imagining Big Ben towering above.  If you are keen on an unforgettable aerial view of your surroundings, make sure you pay the London Eye a visit.  It is the largest observation wheel in the world and is always a hit.

The Tower of London is one of the most famous historical buildings.  Guided tours will give you true insight into the history of this structure that spans over almost a century. 

If the busy city ever proves too much and you fancy a break, there are plenty of parks in London for everyone to enjoy.  The top parks include Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, Victoria Park and many more.  Greenwich Park is oldest of all the royal parks and has a fantastic view of the river Thames.

There are also a number of different museums in the city that cater to various interests including history and art.  For a fun, interactive experience, a visit to Madame Tussauds is sure to make everyone smile!

A royal London experience

From the inexpensive hostels in London to luxury hotels in London, England, there is a great variety of styles and architecture to be enjoyed.  The same can be said for all the royal structures and palaces.  A visit to Buckingham Palace is an absolute must when visiting London.  You can witness the changing of the guard and, during the summer months, tours of the palace are also made possible.

The Hampton Court Palace is another famous historical building and was home to King Henry VIII.  Guided tours are extremely entertaining and really bring the history of this palace to life.  Visitors can also enjoy the gardens and a maze outside the palace.

Many locals and foreigners immediately think of Diana when anyone mentions Kensington Palace and rightfully so.  While it is home to a display dedicated to Queen Victoria, it also boasts a fine collection of dresses that belonged to Diana.

In the botanical gardens, you will find Kew Palace.  It is known as the most intimate of palace designs and was home to George III.  The palace has been well-preserved and everything is as it was during George III’s reign.

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