Hotels in Blackpool, England

Like a number of other British towns, Blackpool experienced a massive growth in popularity and population once the railways were built in the 1840s.  This made such towns that much more accessible and, due to its seaside location, it made Blackpool that much more popular for visitors.  Many of the best hotels in Blackpool, UK are remarkably cheap and by charging lower rates, that means tourists can enjoy even more of the fun local activities and sights!  There are various forms of accommodation in Blackpool and you can book a room at family hotels in Blackpool with parking, a bed and breakfast in Blackpool or anything in between.

Fun and entertainment in Blackpool

There are a number of shows hosted at various Blackpool venues.  Such shows include anything from magic and illusions to cabarets and impersonator shows.  Check local listings at all the venues as well as the Blackpool Grand Theatre and find out when your favourite shows are on.

For a thrilling experience, take everyone for a ride on The Big One at the Pleasure Beach Amusement Park.  This coaster sure lives up to its name and will have you screaming with excitement all the way!  Be careful though, adrenaline is addictive and you may find yourself enjoying a few trips on this bad boy!

The Blackpool Zoo is another great place for family fun.  It is only a short distance inland and easy to access.  Enjoy viewing some beautiful wild animals and get an up close experience with donkeys, goats, sheep and reindeer. 

The Sandcastle Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in the UK!  No matter what the weather is like outside, you can enjoy splashing around and adventurous slides right here!

Get the best view of the city by taking a trip up the Blackpool Tower.  The 4D cinema experience really brings to life the history of the tower and makes the view from the top that much more spectacular.

Outdoor Blackpool activities

Stanley Park was designed and built in 1926 and is a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing, romantic stroll.  Enjoy the lush vegetation, playful squirrels, fountains and statues.  There are also places where you can purchase refreshments as was as an auditorium and bandstand.

The Adrenalin Zone is a great place for thrill seekers.  Enjoy high speeds and weightlessness among other exhilarating sensations!  Not for the faint of heart but, even if you don’t have the courage, it’s always fun seeing your partner or friend scared out of their wits!

Other great family activities include outdoor karting and mini golf.  So, if you are looking for something that won’t completely scare the life out of you, this is the way to go.

Searching for cheap hotels in Blackpool, bed and breakfast or the best hotels in Blackpool, England need not feel like a chore.  Instead, sit down with your fellow travellers and compare all the fantastic Blackpool hotel deals online.  There are plenty of places to stay in Blackpool and there are even Blackpool hotels with entertainment facilities.  Browse around through all the hotels in Blackpool, UK and make an online booking in order to save even more money and reserve your accommodation well in advance.