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Gatwick Airport is located almost 30km from the centre of London.  It is the city’s second-largest and second-busiest airport which means that hotel accommodation at Gatwick Airport is obviously in high demand.  Not only is it convenient to book into a hotel near the airport after a long flight but it also makes it possible for travellers to opt for late or early flights.  In doing so, they can save a fair amount on travel costs by not flying during more popular hours.  Convenience aside, the hotel accommodation at Gatwick Airport is also quite affordable.  By conducting a quick online search, visitors can compare hotel rates at Gatwick Airport, locations and services in order to get the best possible hotel deal and find where to stay at Gatwick Airport.

Attractions near Gatwick Airport, London

By booking your hotel at Gatwick Airport, you will have your accommodation needs taken care of, and be able to pick up or drop off your car rental at Gatwick Airport; and still be within close enough range to enjoy some of the most fantastic local sights.

Probably one of the closest attractions to the airport is the Gatwick Aviation Museum.  Here you can have a look at British aircraft that date as far back as WWII.  It’s just less than 6km from the airport itself and is probably the kind of activity that will keep you busy for an hour or two.  Make this your first stop as you make your way to other local attractions.

The Tilgate Nature Centre, which is just under 15km from the airport, is a great place for the whole family.  There are more than 100 different animal species including alpacas, turtles, birds, meerkats and otters.  Children are welcome to feed and interact with some animals in the petting zoo section which always proves to be a memorable experience.

If you are happy to venture out a bit further, the Hever Castle and Gardens are about 27km from the airport.  This castle was home to Anne Boleyn who later married Henry the 8th and there are plenty of activities to enjoy here.  The most popular of which is the castle and garden tour.  There are also boating activities, a water maze and you can even enjoy a meal here while you are at it.

For some evening entertainment on your way back to your hotel, make sure that you stop at the Hawth Theatre.  The theatre hosts regular music, dance, comedy and other performances.  There are also a number of bars, an outdoor marquee and more.

Transport, dining and more

The airport is certainly geared up to accommodate all the needs of their visitors.  In terms of transport, visitors can reach outlying areas by car, rail, bus or even bicycle.  There are some no-traffic bike routes that make it easy to travel on your own steam and without any unnecessary pressure from motorists.

Horley is less than 4km from the Gatwick Airport and it is one of the best places to go for a bite to eat.  You can find many different types of cuisine here including Italian, Chinese, Indian and good old-fashioned English Pub food of course.  No matter what you are craving, Horley will take perfect care of you.  There are also a number of sights to enjoy in the area so try to make a day of it and spend as many hours as you can here.

If it’s shopping and beaches that you seek, then make your way to Brighton.  It is a fairly long trip compared to other local attractions but it certainly is worth it.  Spend half the day in the sun, explore the local shops and treat yourself to a delicious meal.  The Brighton Pier is famous for its fairground attractions and the nearby Royal Pavilion is another popular stop for tourists.