Mount Pilatus

Hotels in Lucerne, Switzerland

Located in the north-central part of Switzerland and on the shore of Lake Lucerne, the city has always been a popular destination for tourists.  The sight of the magnificent mountains and the beautiful landmarks are all contributing factors as far as this city’s appeal is concerned.  There are a number of luxurious hotels in Lucerne, Switzerland as well as self-contained, serviced apartments in Lucerne and other forms of accommodation.  For anyone in need of cheaper accommodation, bed and breakfast in Lucerne, Switzerland, as well as the hostels in Lucerne are quite reasonably priced.

Stunning natural locations

Tourists go wild for the amazing views that can be enjoyed at Lake Luzern from your lakefront hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland.  In addition to this, many also highly recommend a scenic boat ride for an even better look at your superb surroundings.

Another important place to visit is Mount Pilatus.  There are a number of lookout points that you can enjoy and take some memorable photographs too.  There really is nothing like that fresh, crisp mountain air.  If you are particularly interested in mountains, then make sure you visit Mt. Rigi too.

Other important sites and structures

Angela Rosengart has a fine display of over 200 important works of art on display at her museum (The Rosengart Collection).  It is a fairly new museum and consists of works from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) was built in 1333 and is a wooden foot bridge that crosses the Reuss River.  In the roof there are more than 100 paintings from the 17th century.  These paintings depict and detail the history of the city.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through the Old Town Lucerne for an authentic first-hand experience of the local culture.  The buildings have been very well maintained and tourists are encouraged to take their time when visiting this lovely part of Lucerne.

The famous Dying Lion of Lucerne Monument is located in a beautiful little park.  It was carved by Bertel Thorvaldsen in honour of the 600 Swiss Guards who were killed at Tuilleries Palace in Paris during the 1792 French Revolution.  Not too far from this monument, is the Gletscher Garten Luzern.  This museum is fascinating and suitable for the whole family.

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