Gota River

Hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden

The center of Swedish inventiveness, at least according to Forbes, is Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. Beyond tinkering, and the yearly International Film Festival held every January, Gothenburg is highly popular as a destination where most nearly anything – airfare, attractions and hotels in Gothenburg – is relatively cheap by Sweden’s standards; hence, more and more Stockholmers are moving into the city. Gothenburg is a very walkable city, and extremely easy to explore. It also doesn’t hurt that this Swedish city perched on the west coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula is preceded by a ‘clean’ reputation as a city whose buses run on bio-gas, and populated by some of the most stylish people on earth.

Finding hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden is easy

Because of its large student population, the city has a very youthful vibe, complete with roller coaster rides, ice cream shops and dazzling lights that do not exactly compete for attention with the numerous museums and heritage sites that seem to be at every corner. Despite the constant trickle of relocators from Stockholm and the attendant student population, however, apartments in Gothenburg for travelers staying the medium term are somewhat limited, as most of the accommodation in Gothenburg are hotels.

Given its coastal location and its reputation as having the largest harbor in Scandinavia, the port of Gothenburg also handles millions of tons of cargo every year that are fanned all over Sweden and even Norway. This superb infrastructure makes it easy for passengers to reach it via different modes of transport, so if you wonder where to stay in Gothenburg book your accommodation in Gothenburg online and find the best hotels in Gothenburg, a great deal or cheap hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What to do and where to go in Gothenburg

Gothenburg balances its urban flurry with vast green space, at least 10% of its total land area. This comes as no surprise since Sweden’s largest import is another country’s trash. So if you want to time-travel into the future and get an up close and personal feel of what an eco-conscious city running on bio-gas is like, Gothenburg should be on your map.

From April to October, when finding cheap hotels in Gothenburg can be tricky without booking ahead, floating down the mouth of the Gota River can be a very pleasant experience, and exploring the city on foot can equally be entertaining, educational and hassle-free. Gothenburg’s Viking past can be viewed at the city museum located along Norra Hamngatan. The relaxing Kungsportavenyn Boulevard on the otherwise very industrial port has been compared to a low-key Champs Elysees.

A short distance from the hostels in Gothenburg is the Swedish version of afternoon tea; instead of sandwiches, scones and crumpets enjoy gargantuan cinnamon buns with your coffee or tea over ‘fika’ (coffee/tea break).

The Swedes have a penchant for style, and you can see for yourself at the Röhsska Museum of Fashion and Design. Or troop to Design Torget in the city centre to shop for quirky yet highly functional bric-a-bracs, or pick up inspiration for your own creative projects.

Living up to its reputation as a global city, Gothenburg has a colourful music and arts scene on top of the yearly filmfest and a host of other events that attract artists of all colours and stripes; a lost Da Vinci painting showed up in a recent exhibition along with the works of other great masters Michelangelo and Raphael, while Mozart and Puccini can be heard year-round at Goteborg Opera.