Visby in Sweden

Where to stay in Sweden

Sophisticated, sleek and spotless…that is Sweden in a nutshell, and there are some wonderful hotels in Sweden for you to stay in while you get a taste of the Swedish lifestyle.   Accommodation in Sweden comes in all categories to suit your preferences and every budget, from cheap hotels in Sweden to luxury 4 and 5 star resorts and luxury hotels, to inexpensive apartments in Sweden and even hostels in Sweden for those travelling on a restricted budget. 

You could also choose to go for bed and breakfast in Sweden if you prefer to get to know some of the locals and benefit from their knowledge of lesser known attractions.  Whatever accommodation in Sweden you prefer, you will get the best deal on our website; browse through all our listings and be sure to get the right hotel in Sweden at the right price.

Best Luxury Hotels in Sweden

Although by far the most of the hotels in Sweden fall into the mid-price category, there are some really fabulous Luxury hotels to be found.  In the capitol, Stockholm there are 7 hotels which fall into the Luxury bracket, offering guests the very best of service, attention to detail and world-class food.  Of these, The Grand Hotel Stockholm is one of the very best (in the opinion of those who have stayed there), and a few of the others are the Sheraton Stockholm and the Hilton Stockholm. 

There is also a 5-star apartment hotel if you prefer a bit more space to spread out in.  In Gotland, where many local people come for their Summer beach holidays you could try the Hotel Stelor, a bo-ho chic boutique style hotel/guesthouse that surprises guests with some marvellous treats such as a massage studio, films screened in the barn and in-room iPads!

The Ice Hotel in Sweden

For something completely different, and a night out you will never forget, try the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.  This amazing hotel in made out of ice and snow every year in November, once the temperature drops low enough.  The entire hotel and all the rooms, furnishings and art work are made of ice, including your bed!  Don’t worry…you do get some arctic-proof sleeping bags!  This is a once in a lifetime experience, and most people who choose to try it only stay one night in an ice room and the rest of their stay will be in the adjacent conventional Swedish hotel.  While in Jukkasjarvi you can go dog-sledding, snow mobile riding and watch a reindeer race!

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