Maspalomas, Canary Islands

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Accommodation in Maspalomas, Canary Islands

Maspalomas is the largest town in the Canary Islands and, unlike many other of its surrounding towns, it has evolved and developed into an independent town that offers its residents all the common necessities like schools, hospitals and various attractions for both locals and tourists to enjoy.  A holiday in Maspalomas is of the same standard and quality as one in Palm Beach, Florida with everything you could hope for in a resort-like town and the elements of every day living.  The accommodation in Maspalomas, Canary Islands is also pleasantly affordable and guests can choose from various options.  Bungalows and hostels in Maspalomas are usually the cheapest of all while beach resorts, villas and apartments will normally charge a higher rate.  Choosing where to stay in Maspalomas will depend on your budget as well as your personal needs and preferences.  On the plus side, no matter where you choose to stay, you are sure to have plenty to see and do all day!

Family accommodation in Maspalomas

Families are usually the most aware of their travel budgets since they are catering for more than just 2 people.  In such instances, the best thing to do is make your reservation at a self-catering hotel, motel or bungalow.  Look up places that offer kitchen facilities and research food prices in order to budget for your meals.  Eating out is also an option but, if you are on a strict spending limit, then you may want to do so occasionally as opposed to every night.

There are so many activities in Maspalomas that are perfect for the whole family and the fresh air is such a wonderful break for those who come from congested cities.  Palmitos Park is an aquarium, zoo and park all rolled into one.  Families enjoy watching dolphin shows, a walk through the bird display and some tasty treats like ice cream throughout the day.

A game of mini golf, a friendly go karting race or a day at one of the fine local beaches are all wonderful activities that are sure to please the entire family. 

Booking accommodation in Maspalomas online

Booking your accommodation in advance is essential.  The last thing you want to do is hunt for a hotel immediate as you arrive.  The main advantages of booking your accommodation online is that you can browse freely and at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office.  You need not feel pressured by a travel agent and you can find some of the best hotel deals and offers online too.

The internet is also great for conducting extra research regarding the local sights and attractions.  Take the time to learn as much as you can about places like the Botanical Park of Maspalomas (El Parque Botanico de Maspalomas) and El Faro de Maspalomas before you pay them a visit.  Make notes of important information and ensure that you keep the Spanish names of these attractions handy too.  Many of the locals are able to communicate in English but it doesn’t hurt to keep a pocket dictionary and some cheat sheets on hand.

If your feet are feeling tired and you would like to rely on a four-legged friend to give you a tour, then sign up with one of the local horse farms for a trail ride.  These private tours are great for taking a break from walking and it’s a wonderful way of getting to enjoy your surroundings without putting in too much effort.  Even if you have never ridden before, their professional guides will pick the perfect sure-footed steed to keep you in the saddle.