Red Square in Moscow

Where to Stay in Russia

Hotels in Russia are numerous – in fact there are over 4000 hotels in Russia, so it follows that wherever you plan to travel for business or pleasure you will be sure to find a suitable hotel in Russia.  The type of accommodation in Russia that suits you best does not have to be confined to hotels – there are many other options available to suit all budgets, from apartments in Russia, to cheap Russian hotels and hostels, to luxury resorts in Russia.  

Similar to many other destinations, it is in the larger cities that you will have the greatest choice of where to stay in Russia, but with a little online browsing and research right here on our site, you can find something to suit you in some of the most remote country areas as well as the cities.

Russia Hotels in the larger Cities

In the principal cities like Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia hotels do not come cheap – in fact they can be amongst the most expensive in the world, and in some of these best hotels in Russia the cost is compensated for by the incredible levels of opulence, luxury and service.  If you are only there for a few nights, take the opportunity to indulge in one of the truly luxury hotels in Russia, such as the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, next door to the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, or the equally splendid Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 in St. Petersburg.

If business or pleasure will be keeping you in the cities for more than a few nights a much more affordable option would be one of the many Russia Hotel apartments, which offer the possibility to self-cater and save a fortune on restaurant meals.  These can range from the very basic cheap Russian apartment hotels, to fully serviced 4-star establishments such as the Moscow Suites which provide really upmarket accommodation in Russia in a very central location.

Budget Accommodation in Russia

Most parts of Russia that are visited by tourists also have some really cheap hostels and guesthouses for those seeking accommodation in Russia on a very strict budget.  Hostels in Russia are more commonly found in cities, while you are more likely to enjoy a guesthouse in the countryside.

A good way to see a little of the Russian countryside would be to hire a rental car in Moscow and drive to St. Peterburg (or vice versa), making an overnight stop along the way in Novrogod, to get a taste of one of the smaller towns in Russia.