Praia do Porto de Mos

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Lagos started as a town and has a history that extends over two centuries.  It was first inhabited by the Carthaginians who were later conquered by the Romans.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, this area experienced various changes in ownership including the Byzantines and the Moors.  The Moors were responsible for the construction of the Lagos Castle and, during the 12th century, they established some important trade links with North Africa.  As the years passed, the region grew in size and importance which resulted in a lucrative tourism industry.  The warmer months attract tourists, seasonal residents and seasonal workers.  Because of this seasonal influx, there are a number of Lagos hotels, apartments and other types of accommodation in Lago, Portugals.  The best way to choose between all the different options is by looking around online first to decide where to stay in Lagos.

Clear waters and clean beaches

There’s nothing that makes you feel like you are on an exotic holiday more than being able to take a dip in some crystal clear water.  If you view the sea from above, you can see some distinct shades of green and blue as the waves gently meet the rocks and coastline.  While some beaches, like Praia do Porto de Mos, are fairly large and commercialised, others are cosy and allow visitors a sense of privacy and intimacy.  The main advantage of the larger beaches is that they have a number of facilities and food options nearby as well as public restrooms. 

If you enjoy taking in the sea views, people watching and the sight of boats, then you should definitely make your way to the local marina.  A walk in this area is usually best in the morning or evening.  Wake up extra early and enjoy the sunrise or take a relaxing sunset stroll.

Some of the top attractions in Lagos

The city and surrounding areas also have a fair amount of historic sights and landmarks for tourists to visit.  If you make your way to the main town square, you will come across the Sculpture of Dom Sebastiao.  It isn’t too far from the town hall and represents an ill-fated boy king.

A walk out to the Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse is another great way to spend a few hours of your day.  If the weather is particularly warm, you may want to do this walk in the morning or evening.  On cooler days, a midday walk is very pleasant.  The lighthouse, small local museum and amazing views are enough to keep tourists coming back time and time again.

Top sport activities in Lagos include horseback riding, golf and archery.  All of which give you the chance to enjoy some time outdoors and surrounded by nature.  Whether you are a expert or complete beginner in any of these activities, there are trained professionals ready and waiting to teach you what it’s all about.  As for local culture and history, sights like the Governor’s Castle (Castelo dos Governadores) make for an educational and entertaining adventure.  Although there’s not much left of the castle apart from its walls, the views of Lagos, the marina and many of the local beaches is out of this world.