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The city of Albufeira is located about 250km from Lisbon and receives a regular flood of visitors throughout the year.  The many hotels, apartments, restaurants, sights and attractions ensure that guests have a great choice of accommodation in Albufeira to choose from, when deciding where to stay in Albufeira whilst on holiday in this fun and vibrant Portuguese city.  For the most part, hotel accommodation in Albufeira is fairly cheap as are many activities and meals.  It makes for a great destination for travellers on a budget and never fails to impress its guests.

Day time activities and a fabulous nightlife

During the day, most tourists choose to stroll around the Old Town.  Where possible, the old Arabic architecture has been preserved and there is plenty to see and do during the daylight hours.

At night “The Strip”, as the locals like to call it, comes alive.  It runs all the way from the Hotel Montechoro to the beach and is dissected by the main road.  There are plenty of different types of pubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments along the strip and they mainly cater for the English / Irish market. 

Probably one of the best parts of all is that most of the bars and pubs along the strip have open front seating areas so you can enjoy a drink or meal while you do some people watching.  Get a real feel for the culture and a better understanding of the locals.  You could even ask around about the hottest nightclubs if you are up for some late night dancing and a real night out.

Top attractions in Albufeira

The beaches in Albufeira are as abundant as they are beautiful.  You should have no trouble finding the perfect soft and sandy spot to spend the day.  If you are really particular about what you expect from your beach experiences, it might be a good idea to research all the top beaches first and then book your accommodation as close to your favourite or favourites as possible.  That way you can enjoy a morning walk down to the beach and the trip back to your hotel room won’t be too tiring or time consuming either.

Another favourite local activity is horseback riding and exploring the many nature areas with the help of some four-legged friends.

For something a little bit more fast paced, jet boating is great way to feel the wind in your hair while taking in the fresh sea air.

The clock tower near the Old Town is one of the most popular of all the local landmarks.  It was originally part of one the castle towers that was unfortunately destroyed during the 1755 earthquake.  The clock tower is located close to the beach and there are a number of restaurants in the area where you can enjoy a refreshment or meal too.  There is also a portion of the old town (Al-buhera) castle that still remains as a reminder of the local history.

If you travel just outside the city, you can also make the most of your trip by visiting the Paderne Castle.  These ruins are located on top of a mountain which allows for spectacular views.  The hiking trails in the area are also well marked.  You could easily spend a few hours looking around so make your way up here fairly early in the morning so that you can stay as long as possible.