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When it comes to cheap hotels and accommodation in Norway, you can’t go wrong in Trondheim.  It was first founded in 997 and is now the country’s third largest city.  Despite its size, however, visitors can expect some of the very best rates for hotel accommodation in Trondheim.  In addition, Trondheim is also abundant in sights and attractions of every kind.  Whether you are interested in superb views, relaxing walking areas or historic sights, it’s all right here waiting for you!

Experience the local culture in Trondheim

As soon as you leave your hotel room in Trondheim, you will begin to experience all the things that make Norwegian culture unique and fascinating.  The Trondelag Teater is the main regional theatre and has been in use since 1816 which makes it the oldest Scandinavian theatre.

If you would like to enjoy some local talent, check the local listings and make a plan to attend a performance by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, the Trondheim Soloists, the Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir or other Trondheim musicians and artists.

For those with a passion for film, Trondheim hosts various film festivals throughout the year including the Minimalen Short Film Fest, the Kosmorama International Film Fest and the Trondheim Documentarfestival.

In terms of traditional cuisine, some favourites include smorbrod (open sandwiches), fish (salmon, trout, cod, herring and more) and various dishes made from different types of game (moose, hare, duck, fowl and so on).  Of course other meat options like lamb, pork and beef are also popular.  You will also notice the influence of foreign cultures and you could quite easily find a restaurant that serves pizza, pasta and American style cuisine.

Top things to do in Trondheim

When visiting this beautiful city, the last thing you want to do is spend too much time in your hotel room even if it is a luxury apartment with the finest features.  For anyone interested in exploring their naturally breathtaking surroundings, a hike in Bymarka.  There is nothing more tranquil and relaxing than this peaceful area.  Also, if you visit during the warmer months, you can enjoy swimming in the lakes. 

There are also several museums to visit and these are ideal activities for rainy or somewhat unpleasant days.  The Archbishop’s Palace Museum is probably one of the most popular of all.  The museum is based on original sculptures from Nidaros Cathedral and actual discoveries from the palace itself.

A walk along the wharf is a great way of enjoying a relaxing stroll while taking in some of the city’s most beautiful views.  Notice the well-preserved wooden houses and remember that the best views are around sunrise.  So, if you are an early riser, you will love this!

Located on a small hill above Trondheim is the Kristiansten fortress.  Built in 1691, this fortress offers insight into the local history as well as some lovely views.

Stiftsgarden is so much more than just a Royal Residence come tourist attraction.  It was built back in 1778 and, the most interesting fact of all is that it is made from wood!  A guided tour through this fascinating structure is most definitely worthwhile.