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Hotels in Tromso, Norway

Accommodation in Tromso, the Arctic Capital of Norway

Tromso is the largest city and has the most amount of wooden houses in Northern Norway and, the oldest of which, dating back to 1789.  Evidence of habitation in this area can be traced back to the end of the Ice Age and excavations just outside the city have uncovered artefacts that are as old as 10,000 years.  Tourists who visit Tromso are in for a real treat if they schedule their trip around the time of the Polar Night and the Day of the Sun that follows.  Other significant local events that attract visitors include the Tromso International Film Festival and Nordlysfestivalen (Aurora festival), the International Day of the Sami People, the Bukta Tromso Open Air Festival and several other music and other events throughout the year.  Reserving your room at one of the hotels in Tromso should be done in advance if you want to get the best Tromso accommodation deals and prices.

Most popular sights and Tromso attractions

The Tromsdalen Church, which is more often called the Arctic Cathedral, is probably one of the most well-known buildings in the city.  It was built in 1965 and is not an actual cathedral as it is often called.  The architecture and décor is absolutely remarkable and certainly worth visiting while you are here. Another activity that is bound to keep you away from your Tromso hotel room for at least a few hours is a trip to the Tromso University Museum.  Learn all about the indigenous people, the local history and the phenomenon commonly referred to as the northern lights and is responsible for bringing in a large percentage of the area’s tourists.

For a day out and about, leave your Tromso hotel accommodation and take a walk through the Tromso Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden.  Flowers are in bloom from May to October which gives you more than enough time to enjoy the local flora.

The Elverhoy Church is easy to distinguish from the other local buildings.  Its beautiful red painted wood design has been wonderfully preserved and this structure dates back to 1803. 

The Science Centre of Northern Norway is where you will find the largest planetarium in the country. There are more than 80 interactive features and the most popular aspects are those related to the breath-taking northern lights.

Local entertainment and activities

There are plenty of tours available in the area and many of them will really give you the chance to explore the best that Tromso has to offer.  While booking your Tromso hotel accommodation online, do yourself a favour and browse around the web in search of different Tromso tours.  Some are aimed at viewing the northern lights, others are all about whale watching and you can even enjoy a sled ride!

In terms of the local nightlife, Tromso is fairly relaxed compared to larger cities but that doesn’t mean that there’s any shortage of pubs, bars and restaurants.  Ask your Tromso hotel reception desk, and they are sure to point you in the right direction, and find somewhere to go that is a short stroll from your accommodation in Tromso.

Other lovely outdoor activities include coastal hiking along the surrounding mountains, views of the various fjords and, if you prefer, you can reach the top of Mount Floya by cable car.  No matter which way you look, you will be greeted by some of the most amazing views in the world.